who where there back then were I was too. mostly old stuff, rants, brags, joy, thank you's

- anecdote about ALOHA, AR Packet Radio Networking era. At some time I've came to know Wout and Petra from Nieuwegein, Utrecht we used to do all kinds of nerdy stuff together| In that time, long before the internets was devastated (in so many ways it's ceiling hasn't been reached), I devised a little program as an expansion for EsKay Packet, "SP", which is a terminal emulation program for 4D5A (...) LE based systems. I saw a need for encrypting chats, using a pre shared key like 53 and a simple XOR based scheme, for use over CB /Amateur radio bands /AX.25 radio networking. This was obviously very prone to brute-forcing the PSK and evidently a possibility, but most users refreshed their keys often during meetings and this was in a time that we were using 80/2/86 class machines at best. I called the program MegaCrypt (//mc call-sign ciphertext). Don't laugh. If Wout can find, and I hope he does, the QBasic and/or Turbo-Pascal sources/binaries I will post them here as part of my legacy. I'm pretty much convinced this was amongst the very first programs that civilians used to do Over-the-air encrypted chats both in real time and offline via (for instance) BBS facilities like F6BBS software netrom. When we learned that the creator of EsKay packet terminal software, Sigi, disturbed by some horrible situation that had to do with packet radio, Sigi had committed suicide and his last wish was an appeal to end to all packet radio communications, most that operators I knew personally were very sad of that statement. I tell this because it matters to me so much, amongst many others, I too granted his wish and I did quit and this stopped all development of all kinds of funny plugins and innovations. It still makes me sad, though.

- Confession - I have also painted a portrait of George Harrison on the dark side of wall. Here comes the sun, that rises from the east, it looks like it's going down on me! Especially in the e.vening! :)

- Cloggs - Coaches I was introduced to the internets, bsd and many other technical topics by three brilliant men, some of them students WINS @ UVA Amsterdam at that time. I admire them very much and want to thank them for their time then for their teachings: Mark, Erwin and Vincent (Vincent, I'm sorry for making working remotely with telnet so challenging at that time, this due to my bandwidth suckage, when there was no such thing as QoS). You inspired me in many ways.

- IRC - DDOS grande temps. Mess with the best.. "The internet activist accused of being behind one of the biggest distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks to date, claims he is the victim of an establishment conspiracy." Where are you, Sven? CQ cb3rob..CQ.. the Thing called Skylimit still does it's very thing! Redhead you are too AWOL. As for #xs4all? the Op of that remains. IRC using hexchat is cool, like BitchX. /whois chargen to see if I'm around.

- ISP - as for mentioning xs4all, a Dutch ISP, we have a long term relationship, I've seen good things come, but some also go. Like Yahoo once did when they became property of that company, they too expelled all running BSD systems after f, resorting to the obvious slightly less-better alternative. I still use their service as frame of reference for the work that I do. At the time xs4all pioneered by extending it's services, for instance giving it's customers the opportunity to define each it's own subdomain name assigned to it's static IP address, the benefit of reverse lookup added awesomeness to appear in newsgroups.Global IPV6 propagation monitor mentioned here.

- How - I found this rather funny for the obvious MITM recipe ruled out. As someone noted out in the open, certain parts of the codebase of libgrypt by g1 , contain very elegant programmed code, I can relate to as the code for RC five concerned, in a way that it seems to leave room for the shape of things to come?

- Zodiac - Interested in reading my numerological horoscope? Why not? I'll perhaps explain some important questions. This was worked out for me by ms. Lucienne Ros from the Netherlands, click here

- Thank you's - I'd like to personally thank all the people, dear friends, family, colleagues, professionals, who inspired me, supported and helped me. If I've forgotten to mention anyone, please let me know. Not in any particular order:

Gerard from Japan, Tamara from Ede, Laura from Wijchen, Linda from Leidschendam, Lindsay and Victor, Popke and Neeltje from Oss, Johanna and Ronald from Utrecht, Grada from Utrecht, Jennifer from the United States, Michel "Darco" from Nijmegen, Quincy from Uden, Petra and Wout from Nieuwegein, Aike from Oss, Thierry from Nijmegen, Jeroen from Nijmegen, Rene from Oss, Esther from Bonaire, Manni "Lycanist" (Finland), Willemijn, Coen (Lando) from Breda, Coen & Lesley from Oss, Renate from Oss, Tim from Oss, Paul (thanks for all the poems), Johan, Jos from Amsterdam.