To Elise and Bjorn - from the Netherlands to North Dakota

My name is Edwin and I live in a country far away from where you live,

You live in North Dakota, in the United States of America.

I live in Europe, and my country is called "The Netherlands".

You do not know me but I have heard of you !

I came to know your mother and your mother came to know about me when we found and spoke each other on the internet. If you want to see how I look like perhaps your mother can show some picture of me.

But this is all about you !

I think your mother is amazing,

your mother is honest, brave

she is also courageous and beautiful,

and you know this:

your mother loves you both very much and she takes very good care of you

Your mother told me about you, Elise and Bjorn. You are the children of Linda and that's why I wanted to say Hi ! to you with this message for you.

I know for certain you, Elise and Bjorn, are both beautiful and smart like your mother.

I hope you will like my message to you,

because I can also say something to you

and with some words in my language

and I hope you will know what this message to you means,

because a mother is always a queen

and you are both very important!

These words are for you

To: Elise Freja Falla

from: Edwin

Dear Elise,

You are the older sister of Bjorn, you are 10 years old and the daughter of your mother Linda,

I heard you love books! That is great! I wonder what book or books you like reading the most!

You have lovely names: Elise Freja. In my country we also know these names! And these names are more than often of important people. These are carefully chosen names.

I have for you some words in Dutch that begin with the letter E

These are words I think of when I hear your names.

and the meaning of these words I try to explain in English.


Elegant - this means Elegance and this holds a very special precious value for a girl

Eervol - means honor. Your name Freja has very much to do with great honor and courage, you know when to be brave, to be fearless, to undertake things that are difficult and "Eervol" means that there is a great honor in what you are and what you do.

Eerlijk - honesty - you carefully think about the things you say and do and being honest is a very good thing that people hold in high Esteem.

Erbarmelijk - means that you care about everything, people that you love and choose to care for that you find important.

Erfgenaam - means what you want will define you, as you grow older, all the things that you like will define you like a heritage, also what you already have from your mother, beauty, honesty, braveness, courage and many more


Fier - you proudly do the most difficult things and tasks and commited to undertake great things, explore, learn, do, and you do these things with devotion, and knowing there's no fear of things that may fail at first and this means learning, and you will do things over again just because you can. Fier perhaps sounds a bit like "fear", but is not, Fier is being convinced about yourself that you can do anything you want and this is *fearlessness with pride to overcome obstacles and difficult things in life*.

These are just a few words of many more, that all have something important in common,

this is especially for you :

I know this: everyone knows this, and this is true:

These are the words that often define a princess and...

You *are* a princess, Elise,

a brave and courageous princess

you are smart and beautiful.

I hope you do well, this was my message for you.


And for your little brother I have these words:

I hope your mother or you will read these words to Bjorn:

Dear Bjorn,

You are Bjorn William Kelso

You are a young boy- the son of Linda and the little brother of Elise

you love playing with your toys. I wonder which toys you like playing with the most!

Bjorn, you are already learning letters that form words. That is very very good of you!!

and if you learn the letters, you will lin time earn how to read and write!

Dear Bjorn, you have just like your sister also a very special name

I have a list of words in my language

and what it means in your language

all these words begin with the letter B like the B in Bjorn.

Bijzonder : there is only one boy like you in the whole world!

Blij : this means happy. I hope you are happy if you hear this: you are important !

Braaf : this means you are a good listener too!

Best! the best! What does that mean?

This is a Dutch sentence:

"Bjorn is de beste zoon en broer van de hele wereld".

This means "Bjorn is the best son and brother in the whole world"

Dear Bjorn, I said that your mother is a queen

that means that you are the son of a queen

that means you are a prince!

Dear Elise and Bjorn

I hope you both like this message you will all give each other a big hug now!

Bye bye!