The monstrous effect. Feeling a bit embarrassed about this issue that I recently had with a battery of devoted editors that communicated and evaluated individually work for OEIS, that fact that I was confronted with a very disturbing way of communication to me as an infrequent end-user, practice.

I will tell some detail about my person, because your judgement of proposals came totally illustrated and you put effort in building this scenario with suggestive remarks about my personality, motivations obsessions or whatever negative thought you had about me while evaluating my proposals, I do not say this to discuss your opinion but why didn't you recycle it right away because about perceived aspects about me, your entitled to your opinion, but I tell this that I'm confused about this act of conduct way of communication. I can handle critisism very well, even negative, feel free to make sarcastic jokes about me, or say what you think about me and I will take anything very seriously because I hold you high in esteem considering that you but why this chaotic way of because one OEIS reviewer encouraged me to properly add an entry, and helped me

while some OEIS reviewers encouraged me to correct all the stupid mistakes I had overlooked, and was very supportive regarding the way a proper entry should be build, is that simultainiously a few OEIS coworkers recommended recycling the entries at random each with a different reason but I most of the proposals were to be held in context of other entries that I would submit because I was working on that at the same time. Perhaps not a smart thing to do, but I'm

you silently ignored, or allowed for, contributed and attributed to some very negative qualities that can be said about a person's personality Such attribution is not what I quite expected from OEIS authority, you have evidently the liberty or taken upon this practice of conduct, the way that you chose to denounce me in a way that goes beyond my understanding, if you took so much effort with so much words to display your opinion about my proposals that has or my person in particular. This is not a complaint or rant but if people are treated this way at OEIS, please state something about that, because your professional judgement also includes suggestions about one's interest, totally projected negating me as person with odd bizarre or obsessive or in a warning. isn't the reason why I bring this to your attention, for reasons I cannot understand,If you were in a position to judge on the personality you projected on my, suggesting passion or social conduct, Needless to say, I pretty much expected that all volunteers of OEIS to be very intelligent, smart and do important work that allow for discoveries, new theories. I don't expect that you do and these are very important things.

There is no way to be neutral about this, or to ignore the facts about the way you OEIS professionals, communicated with me. I somehow wish that this was a practical joke or give the impression that proposals are judged to qualities or strange fascination for numbers or

Let me be clear, OEIS is so exiting and important not only me but also my friends. I'm already making an excuse for pointing out something that is so unreal to me but I'm utterly disappointed. I never nag, I never complain or rant, believe me I can easily cope with all kinds of jokes or carcasm, negative critisism, no problem. with this if you If this makes feel guilty because perhaps other people may find this note a rant or something in order because I promised myself never to reveal I promised this to say something about this, and I hope you will understand The effort some of you both mutually and individually put in discouriging make about my personality in such a awful way, position,

I will tell my point of view of what you in whatever assembly have done. I expect no answer because the final decision about this

reply or any remark about this, I respect because I have a very good reason to distrust some of you, and that would result in a situation that you confront me twice with your words. I will try to speak the same language as you used, meaning that I will attempt to make a sarcastic remark I mind youyou that nobody involved in this matter even attended you on the disgusting remarks you made. Denial courtency I'm totally convinced that there exists absolutely no mutually agreed upon level of conduct or general guideline of your social interaction with OEIS users. I also know that one of your collegues mildly hinted to you that your way of interacting, playing and fooling with OEIS users in general or me as per occasion. Let me be clear: I don't wish to hear about the motivation why you did this, because the way you provoced me, certainly intended to discourage, disgrace, and make a fool of me. I believe, or consider due to the fact that you silently mutually alow for this kind of behaviour.

Let me tell you what happened, so you may enjoy. I h

Hierarchical structure in the

I am so disappointed that

at least a there are rules to social interaction,

Because one important primal factor I learned that I learned is that these people are resourceful the people that inspire me to learn and discover things because I'm probably

then I me I feel needs to be said: If someone disgards this message as a complaint, then I failed. Anyone may call me anything they want, you may even call me Al. Wink. I know this sixties thing "The games people play". Learned nothing from it. I'm a regular joe, my iq is ~100 more ore less and if you reached the Mensa and need to tell me about it on a regular basis, I wont act annoyed, even if you know I am. I don't like some form of sarcasm but don't mind if one needs that skill for whatever xyz reason, personality disorder, or that silly cluster B behaviour, I love you anyway. If someone needs to dominate I will walk on my knees if it makes you feel good. I care. I also care about me. I'm so tired and fed up with people that act silly, go hand in hand, cover eachother in their game, I once swore that I would never ever say anything about limits, boundaries, yes borders because borders are usually tested anyways. For this I will break my oath I will tell you my fears my wishes so you can continue at any point you like, there are no boundaries left to be tempted.

I never even hurt a fly in my whole life (I even got puched totally K.O by a woman who had a little too much). I dislike agressive behaviour and I totally dislike people making me say things twice, or repeat themselves for that sakes, that really hurts.

I won't call names. I will not reply or discuss this matter with anyone that held a hand above this man. I am not saying who you are. If you feel this concerns you, then it very likely is. I have just one question. Since I don't want to hear from you

keeps you functional and happy. All these things are none of my concern. I think I've seen, encountered, endured, enjoyed, certainly all tricks of the trade when it comes to recognise quickly people with certain predictable cluster B behaviour. I have issues regarding social interaction which is ofcourse often exploited to the point that It's so predictable that I make certain that I do not function as a feeder (. , but there's nothing I can handle. To a certain point ofcourse, let's say limit or better: border, I try to avoid situations, but society provides enough some people need to test in order to sustain and survive. I don't care about the human psyche mental illnesses,

I noticed the ad hitlerum trick is still very much alive proving it's efectfulness when it timeless and proved. Some people play dumb, act smart or complain about everything they encounter, some need to brag about their expert skills to the level that it becomes annoying, Just a general impression of My IQ is ~100. If you're at mensa, you probably will let me know immediately. I often count to 10 for anger management. I never hurt a even fly in my life. orsome people need the dominiation. Like many people I learned to cope with certain unasked unwanted unexpected social disturbing behaviour in life, especially when the person who is subjected to that behaviour on a regular basis, needs to figure out ways to survive or less dramatic, to have control over the situation. This may even include running away from conflict. Fact. Some people need to do just that, even nasty, in order for them to "survive" too. I think that all kinds of factors that identity, selfesteem, confidence, mention that needs have their roots in their personality. Yes you may call me al but I aint no psychiatrist. like selfesteem, feeling uncertain, to persist in certain behaviour, because of it's gains. Perfectly understandable reality. Let trolls be trolls and sure, if you want to be in that role or position (like a cop). I have certain principles that I hold on to whenever I encounter people that like to try or have the urge to cross certain borders or pull out a stunt with me, but please surprise me because that requires me to react in a way that is actually provoced and thereby manipulated, and I am not a feeder. If one is trying to establish some kind of emotional destablisation, by trolling, or whatever trick I haven't seen before shockart, working for law enforcesituation, like making a fool of me (which is funny because I often realize a long time after, I agree that this is very embarrising, but I find it astonishing some social interactioncome to that a person was fooling me, it's funny. I'm so predictable that I can laugh about it too. Seriously. I don't have problems with people who do because they also make me smile and that's a truth. Lets say that I am kind of fed up with all genious cluster B behaviour, but haven't made public aware of that.

certain work to establish or maintain their. I am aware of the suggestion I am making.

to the level that I never feel angry when someone calls names, or delivers , I might be considered weak for that sake, I couldn't care until just recentlty. event because Ior do the blame game, there's no honor for me to defend, I seldom go in defence when people that are assigned to evaluate work, criticism can be expected. No problem for me, I never make an issue and I won't cry over any negative critisism.

explicit details are witheld. I don't blame

What happened is that I boldly tried to relate some recursive feature with a number ( dont matter related as a factor of 198863 |M|, I intended to see if OEIS would match my poi, as frame of reference and as a tool to match those that I hoped would suggest some correlation related to my observations. Bad luck, all the sequences I proposed raised all kinds questions differing from techincal, esthetical, mythical, sane, comments led to perculiar actions done by editors who actually invested time to make a fool of me or worse. I can handle all critisism and I was very well aware that these sequences were created with a certain abstractness to the method(s) applied. You may call me anything what you want, in that case, one editor suggested that these methods were of the kind that number "fetishists" were so demotivating and outright insulting that I wanted to withdraw all disturbing that I admit, I can handle had trouble dealing with, and still do, because of the conclusion. The questions raised by OEIS editors that commented on the revisions of the proposals I made, hoping for a situation that I could partially match sequences that were to my concern, now or in the future. While one editor recommended to recycle the proposals, another editor copied it which discouraged me much, because that editor blamed us both equally of submitting ugly looking sequences, so there was another proposal made by an editor based upon my ugly looking sequences, just to prove it's ugliness, suggesting that all related had to be recycled. The proposals were based on several decompositions in a rather silly looking way I guess, but I saw some significance that I could relate to order of of primes dissolving in a specific order that was of interest to me. Most of the sequences were of finite length, max. 223 permutations or elements, some shorter and in another base, these intended for another purpose. One more motivational editor pointed al kinds of mistakes out, stupid mistakes but I tried to correct them as soon as I could. For techincal reasons that editor pointed out that the large sequences with max. 223 elements in base2 had to be put in a special file format. but then another editor decided to dismiss the proposals because of the methods which were dismissed as the work of a number ******* person, but this editor did something I can't understand, (I mentioned the pretext that my proposals ) were another editor considered the proposals bad and ugly, making it an esthetic issue. But then another OEIS editor pointed me to the fact that the OEIS installation that contains the sequences have some structural difficulty dealing with sequences in base2, to quote: "making the OEIS system "unhealthy" Moreover,the final decision was to be made by the founder of OEIS and noted the proposals were of no significant contribution, so future matches ruled out, the founder pointed to the fact that 196883 was considered too large for parameter, which was the case. I'm a bit ashamed because I figured my proposals were were erased by DoD assured methods of data-erasure, after hiding for 4 weeks in solitude feeling ashamed that I made these sequences that I stopped blaming myself for this and imagined that the bounds of the parameter could be explained for and the "health issues" and esthetic issues too.