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Our labs produces all kinds of stray bits, here they are thrown in a can, spin around and the outcome isn't ammonium nitrate fertilizer.

# news 2016

# news 2016

# news 2016-feb

25th feb, remnants of arcade era. There are two pinball machines in front of me, both "Harley Davidson - Made in USA =--". Dated from that era, I just knew there was this significant message in the eeprom that is universal not a zeitgeist bounded but a very important one, therefore I put the speech of lovely Ms. Reagan (1986) here:

In September 1986, first lady Nancy Reagan warned Americans about drugs. Every single one.

First Lady Nancy Reagan's official White House portrait. Portrait painted by Aaron Shikler.

here be tears,

but not one tear would bring back my baby

there is no greater loss than the life that is to live and love

I miss my baby

# news 2016-feb

You know who you are (15th of Feb), you make the difference.

# news 2016-jan/feb

Mark from Oss, the Netherlands (Feb 2016).

# news 2015-nov

# news 2015-nov

ψ having read p. 256 from Thomas Szasz "The Manufacture of Stubbornness" (1970) I came to question if the relative quote still holds some relevance in 2015.

# news 2015-oct

Well, a lot has happened somewhere in between, with Murphy's Law going on serially most of the days, me ending up fixing a row of electronic devices each failing in such a serial way it almost made me laugh how predictable things get when Murphy has taken control over spare time. Then there was this special day, what can I say: -more stars and stripes!!!- that I nearly saw "all" US soldier reunion clips on Youtube at least twice, well the best ones I repeated many more times. I replicated some of them so that they may never disappear. For the occasion I had the US flag to the wall, which is still hanging here. Played the national anthem too, yeah cried all the time. All credits due to the great fathers and mothers, sons and daughters serving the US army/navy *thank you for your service* who chose to surprise their loved ones each in a special unique way. You are wonderful beautiful people.

Will write some observations about this. <3

Played the National anthem too.

.... <3

# news 2015-aug/sep

I told Neeltje it was going to be a beautiful day!

Cupcakes that Neeltje made for Rianne' birthday

# news 2015-august

On the 11th of august 2015 I stared at the moon, some meteor shower was announced but little I could see but Jupiter couldn't have doubled in such a short time, so I rushed to the HQ to put my glasses on to take a better look, as much as the clouds allowed me to. Then this came to mind:

From the dawn's early light,

gleaming throughout the twilight's of night,

These are the broad stripes and bright stars

that is Your flag, the star-spangled banner,

Your National Anthem beholds this truth, each and every word is true

of what survives each and every night,

also a brave veteran of Your Nation, that stands and guards,

stars, the red and the blue,

in name of all humanity, what Your proud Nation has brought,

even to this day, deeply moves us and touches our hearts

What needs to be said, the secret of this

the safety, and freedom you brought, we all now enjoy,

is just by far, the greatest of bliss

So there was a telephone call made by a person who was sitting at his desk at the Office. Just a regular telephone call to some people that had just arrived on another planet and were walking around on it. As it was the case, the phone call was overheard by just about everyone on the Blue one...on television. When you have people walking around on different planets, placing phone calls, things tend to get quite confusing, especially when they're on television, so the Head of the Office made this call and it was announced... from another city on the Blue one, by radio!

Richard Milhous Nixon (January 9, 1913 – April 22, 1994) was the 37th President of the United States, serving from 1969 to 1974.

"Nixon was born in Yorba Linda, California. After completing his undergraduate work at Whittier College, he graduated from Duke University School of Law in 1937 and returned to California to practice law. He and his wife, Pat Nixon, moved to Washington to work for the federal government in 1942. He subsequently served in the United States Navy during World War II. Nixon was elected to the House of Representatives in 1946 and to the Senate in 1950. His pursuit of the Hiss Case established his reputation as a leading anti-communist, and elevated him to national prominence. He was the running mate of Dwight D. Eisenhower, the Republican Party presidential nominee in the 1952 election. Nixon served for eight years as vice president. He waged an unsuccessful presidential campaign in 1960, narrowly losing to John F. Kennedy, and lost a race for Governor of California in 1962. In 1968 he ran again for the presidency and was elected.".

Nixon ended American involvement in the war in Vietnam in 1973 and brought the American prisoners home.

"Some Americans anticipated possible controversy over planting the United States flag on the Moon, since territorial claims to any extraterrestrial body were prohibited by the Outer Space Treaty. But since it was made clear the United States had no intention of making a territorial claim to the Moon, no serious controversy materialized. In fact, the United States Congress passed a bill in November 1969, stating "the flag of the United States, and no other flag, shall be implanted or otherwise placed on the surface of the moon, or on the surface of any planet, by members of the crew of any spacecraft ... as part of any mission ... the funds for which are provided entirely by the Government of the United States. ... this act is intended as a symbolic gesture of national pride in achievement and is not to be construed as a declaration of national appropriation by claim of sovereignty", signed into law by President Nixon." - from the wikipedia article

(Some dare say that none this ever happened, how would they feel if they would had to refer to the moon as "New Amsterdam 2"?, bear mind hat the Dutch once ruled the entire Blue planet).

The crew of Apollo 11: Commander Neil A. Armstrong, Command Module pilot Michael Collins, Lunar Module pilot Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr. May 1, 1969.

* * * N E W S F L A S H * * *

This part is a takeout of an interview held by ABC television with Ms. Neil Armstrong, Neil Armstrong was on the moon at that moment:

(ABC Reporter): "Did Neil carry anything for you anything, to the moon"

ψ for a brief moment, Ms. Neil Armstrong apparently considered how and What to answer to that question. She politely smiled.


"Yes, but that's private" - "no"- "no"

"no" - "No"

(Ms. Neil Armstrong) : ¨Yes, but that's private".

(ABC Reporter) : "Not going to tell (??)" ?

(Ms. Neil Armstrong) : "no" (bit silent)

(Reporter) : "Animal, Vegetable or (??)"

(Ms. Neil Armstrong) :"No". (confident)

Ms. Armstrong briefly considered on how and what to answer, but confirmed the question. There was indeed something but that was regarded private as such. For me, the most compelling wow-observation of this answer is how it was smiled. Consider the analogy of this: being on the region on the moon called the Sea of Tranquility, what object could it possibly have been, of that value to only Mr. and Ms. Armstrong? Neil just took a better look at the bedrock, when he decided to be out of view.

Is your name Janet? Far out! Or the anagram ? or this one |>|<|

# news 2017-july

# news 2015-july

Got a cat. Learned soon enough cat got me. Compelled by so much emotional blackmail. Cat managed to overlap so much HID's (that aren't even made of warm).

# news 2015-june

I don't enjoy watching TV all that much but I'm curious how the 12 monkeys TV series will work out! "The factor of the repetition of the same thing will perhaps not appeal to everyone as a source of uncanny feeling. If we take another class of things, it is easy to see that there, too, it is only this factor of involuntary repetition which surrounds what would otherwise by innocent enough with an uncanny atmosphere, and forces upon us the idea of something fateful and inescapable when otherwise we should have spoken only of ‘chance.’ For instance, we naturally attach no importance to the event when we hand in an overcoat and get a cloakroom ticket with the number, let us say, 62; or when we find that our cabin on a ship bears that number. But the impression is altered if two such events, each in itself indifferent, happen close together — if we come across the number 62 several times in a single day, or if we begin to notice that everything which has a number — addresses, hotel rooms, compartments in railway trains — invariably has the same one, or at all events one which contains the same figures. We do feel this to be uncanny. And unless a man is utterly hardened and proof against the lure of superstition, he will be tempted to ascribe a secret meaning to this obstinate recurrence of a number; he will take it, perhaps, as an indication of the span of life allotted to him. …"- Freud

# case of Ugly hacks

Found this in my spam folder:

"An analysis of GitHub data finds that, among all programming languages, C code contains the most references to down and dirty code fixes".

(link to full article "C leads the way in "ugly hacks").


(there's always a little "Frak You" in "whatever").

Great :-) Hammer, duct tape, WD40. The thing works, that matters.

# Aye!

Mr. David Vincent lead vocalist and bassist for the death metal band Morbid Angel (link to official page)...

...once favorited a Tweet of mine:

I just couldn't resist to tweet Mr. Vincent, with an "Aye aye!" and a question, to play that one {particular} song in case of a performance in the Netherlands. If Mr. David Vincent would've asked me what song I wanted to hear, I'd probably had to think of that a while, with so many to choose from, I didn't had any song in mind when I tweeted this.

# "What's he building in there ?"- "Where is Mona ? She's long gone..."

Der Zauberlehrling.

I can't help laughing whenever I hear this piece of a Tom Waits performance that was presented to me by Ms. Monique from 's Hertogenbosch, while I was busy doing a lot of things at the same time in equal amount of instances of screen (fantastic manual) virtual windows ^a^d spawning shells within shells within shells. ("Ehm. rocket science, Mme.").

# case of Shiney, iJustine.

Except for an iPod, I don't own any other kinds of popular Apple products, like the popular iPhone or Macbook for instance. Not that dislike Apple products at all, I'm absolutely convinced of the assured quality (#1) that Apple Corp..for decades consistently delivers to it's end-users, and ever since I first got in touch with Apple products (since we used these at school) I loved working with 68k Apple Macs, from 512k to SE20/40's playing netHack, Shufflepuck Café, Dark Castle, but I'm in no way an evangelist or whatsoever fashion so I pretty much miss all related news, so I'd never heard before of...

Justine Ezarik, born March 20, 1984, is an American comedian, Internet celebrity, actress and occasional television host. (...)

She ranked among the top 1000 Twitter users in the world with over 1.6 million followers, over 700,000 Instagram and 1 million Facebook followers. She is best known as iJustine. (brief summary from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IJustine )

4 cents a word

Someone pointed out a photo from a timeline entry made by Ms. Ezarik on facebook.com, and added the question:

"Why a public international loved technology YouTube celeb would post a photo like this (...)"

Along with the comment above, came also a photograph (below) that obviously raised some issues, leading to some discussions. Ms. Justine does appear to be quite a funny person, perhaps this also relates to the video someone made that involves a performance of Ms. Justine doing some serious Airport Dancing on a moving walkway. Anyhow, all this, the remark and photo, begs the question: why?

Several of many comments of people, most likely fans, contents rating and ranging from :

"I'm officially in love with you."

"Proud 2A member! You haters. .. have you heard of the 2nd amendment? ??"

"Good lord you shoot a p226!?"

"That's sexy"

"Sig makes some beautiful handguns"

to around a questionable

"I'm very surprised Justine. But great to see. Hope you go to gun range and practice. Shoot some videos when you go please."

(holding "the Diaries.. in the Rye"?)

I did -only for a brief moment- not to feed the trolls, shared my view on the subject, because nobody mentioned it's most obvious...

...features, on this page (link) -see screenshot below (click to enlarge).

Needless to say, that placing depictions of firearms, or even obvious shiny replica's, on facebook.com/ijustine or any social media in that regard, is not a very smart thing to do and will obviously raise serious questions. I know for a fact it's a silly thing to do. Some proud owners and/or evangelists of Apple products just have a good taste of humour, some prove they're also pretty good at acting, breaking stuff if more attention is needed. iGun? Even the 2nd amendment was added to the discussion. Obviously, this is not needed ->

# Binary in popular culture

Base2, Two's compliment, binary units

"Binary People" (category from http://www.thinkgeek.com )

"There are 10 types of people in the world: Those who understand binary, and those who don't". (link to a product of http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/5aa9/ ).

"Do you enjoy watching the desperately puzzled faces of your co-workers day in and day out" ffs! __Ψ__


Persons with Cluster B Schizotype Personality Disorders* are characterized by a pattern of excessive emotionality and attention seeking. Their lives are full of drama (so-called “drama queens”). They are uncomfortable in situations where they are not the center of attention. People with this disorder are often quite flirtatious or seductive, and like to dress in a manner that draws attention to them. They can be flamboyant and theatrical, exhibiting an exaggerated degree of emotional expression. Yet simultaneously, their emotional expression is vague, shallow, and lacking in detail. This gives them the appearance of being disingenuous and insincere. Moreover, the drama and exaggerated emotional expression often embarrasses friends and acquaintances as they may embrace even casual acquaintances with excessive ardor, or may sob uncontrollably over some minor sentimentality.

Complementary Behaviour Exhibited and promoted by "De Wiskundemeisjes" - Ms. Ionica Smeets (Dr. Ir. Ionica Smeets website) & Ms. Jeanine Daems (Drs. J. Daems website)

- it better be good then, alas, site is no longer maintained. My reply is just awesome.

Binary tattoos

Watching puzzled faces

being pretty serious about it? I'd suggest wearing a R4000 N64 neglace.

N is a Number. Count to yellow × MAX_LONG predecessor

X-Ram++ ubergeek

O Rley?

"Left Right.. Halt! That's 0x78 0x72 0x61 0x4D, right, boy?"

Oldschool MC68k users tend to crack their eggs open on the big side. Probably still owns an A500, and first (ppc)Mac with the 'i' prefix, that comes with a very special kind of Korean RAM that's guaranteed to deliver 10 times Moore performance than it's successor.

This one really spans the Kroon.



"To err is human, to forgive, divine. /r/n"

/r/n is perhaps a bit confusing, it appears to be a familiar looking sequence (r,n) more often preceded by convention of the widely adopted \backward slash announcing a C escape sequence. I get the feeling that there's more to this than some sort of joke, like it's monolith appearance and other reasons. The person who had this tattoo applied, probably motivated to embed some more bits added to the joke, that was to make a deliberate mistake in the sentence. The mistake to this sentence that concerns mentioning the making of errors and mistakes is a supposedly a feat of Humans. This, from what I can tell the most likely interpretation, using the circular reasoning of the sentence, by presenting this to people, raises the question if this person wants/expects/hopes to evoke the response of forgiveness. There are several ways to interpret this sentence in context with the mistake. One way is could be seen as a act of denouncement of the sentence that holds statements that are commonly known in many cultures. If this person actually intended to evoke the response of acts of forgiveness, then he had to point out the mistake that he made, which most likely would be regarded as a joke anyways.

Form Follows Function

I presume the trailing space after the sentence was needed to pad the whole sequence to establish this monolithic form with with certain properties in mind. Perhaps there's some significance to the N of ranks and/or rows of base2 digits in this monolithic appearance.

Huh? How can this be? Who can explain this?

Binary to some numbersystem representing a character

ASCII, the lingua franca of computers. Before ASCII was developed in the 1960s, computers often had no way to send text to one another, with dozens of different systems for representing letters and numbers. Even after ASCII was created, it didn’t become common until 1981, when IBM used it for the first personal computers. Now ASCII is ubiquitous–a rare thing for such an old computer technology.

ASCII is a binary code, which can be represented easily by an electric current flipping between two levels, or, numerically, as a string of 1s and 0s. Letters, numbers, and symbols can be represented in ASCII by an eight-digit number. Instead of the base-10 system we are all familiar with, this is a base-two number. (So 3 can be represented by 11 [2+1], for example.) The power of binary codes was understood long ago. The I Ching, for example, is a series of symbols built up from solid and broken bars. In Western mathematics, the father of binary codes was Gottfried Leibniz (1646-1716). Leibniz recognized that turning numbers into binary made them extremely simple to handly mathematically. In fact, he speculated, you could build a machine that would do math based on binary numbers by sifting marbles through slots–a dream of the computers that would come centuries later.

But Leibniz saw a deeper meaning in the binary. “One is enough to derive everything from nothing,” he wrote. To Leibniz, 0 represented the void, and 1 represented God. Only by translating nature into binary numbers did Leibniz believe that we attain perfect knowledge of the divine, by seeing its underlying reality and beauty. It was no coincidence that seven–as in the seventh day of creation, when all was created–is 111.

Adding some more mystery bits:

"Assuming there are 10000011 types of people in the world and and most of these types recognize binary when they see a sequence of ones and zeroes, some of them perhaps question it's significance and might wonder whether this is positive".

# Blink

Blinkenlights on the NSA'sFROSTBURG supercomputer from the 1990s.

Colossus - The Forbin Project

"Some computers had a diagnostic display very similar to many SciFi movies, where the blinking lights represented the high byte address (XX__) vertically, and the low byte address (__XX) horizontally on an 8x8 matrix of lights. The experienced diagnostics engineer could watch the program and be able to tell what memory it was using and therefore which part of the program it was running, based on the activity of the 'blinking lights'. wikipedia

"WOPR (War Operations Plan Response) - WarGames

WOPR is America’s top military supercomputer inexplicably hacked by a high school hacker in the 1983 movie “WarGames” starring Matthew Broderick. After cracking the password (Joshua), Broderick accesses the backdoor and plays a video game known as “ Global Thermonuclear War”. WOPR, believes it's the real deal and almost destroys Russia with a nuclear barrage. The most famous quote from the movie has WOPR asking “shall we play a game?” WarGames currently has a 92 percent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes." -

An incomplete guide to famous movie computers - http://www.examiner.com/list/an-incomplete-guide-to-famous-movie-computers

# main(_)

Obfuscated C - http://www.ioccc.org/ The International Obfuscated C Code Contest


link to article __here__ "Obfuscated C Code Contest 2006. Please explain sykes2.c".

# Katie's standoff

Ms. Katie Melua, who sings of her Spiders Web. There's so much autobahn to that uniform.

# Halting problem

(up: painting, below: same idea, made by someone else)

(Painting of a cat, done by my mother, present I got from my parents on the 28th of april 2015 ).


This is exactly how I remember my cat (Cleo), that my ex-wife carefully had chosen for me from the animal shelter.This drawing is the impression that Cleo left. Cleo had a nickname, this was such a (forgive the language) badass cat that we soon nicknamed him "CATZILLA". I think Cleo pretty much owned the block :). We don't know how it came to the point that either Cleo or the Staffordshire Bull Terrier dog came into a fight, but Cleo had evidently lost the fight, returned home with 4 legs broken. Evidently Cleo wanted to make a point or the dog was just fast.

(in Memoriam, Cleo and also Nita).

"(If) you see a Black Cat.." EOL

{ apply_duct_tape_to_the_bartender; }

(details: background color 0x04D617278, https://www.aspca.org/ logo)

Als een zwarte kat je pad kruist,

is dat een teken

dat het beestje ergens naar toe moet

(text from picture above that appears in Dutch language).

I regard these kind of pictures that appear on fora, social media, appealing to resist the old associated superstition by creating the paradox of denouncing it this way, from a certain perspective, as a bad joke. Moreover, I suspect this is one heck of a Troll. If so, troll is now delighted because of the paradox of me mentioning this. Anyone who spreads this, will then automagically become part of Troll-heaven, a kaleidoscope full of paradoxes and galleries enough of provoking shock art to shock millions for an equal amount of time. With countless topics to choose from, troll concerned with this subject, win with certainty, but also in ways one might not be aware of or expect.

My perspective on the message: This is nearly an exact repetition of an old superstition about an animal, a thought evoking reference to a historical belief statement with negative associations that is deeply rooted in many cultures. The message is adjusted to end with a ridicule argument which is a suggestive projection concerning the supposed need of denouncing the presented old superstition publicly in favor of the subject, by raising awareness of the suggested still existing old superstition. The ridicule argument is actually part of the presented old superstition, confirming the belief statement and validating truth of the inherently connected a priori arguments. The ridicule argument denounces and rejects the previous presented arguments of the presented old superstition. The obvious paradox of denouncing it's self-reference serves the means of progression, the intended recursive replication, this due to the generally accepted moral value that it seems to represent ("everyone" will agree to the ridicule argument, that such old superstition is silly and ridiculous and must be stopped by denouncing the old associated superstition), entertainment value and the element of surprise of the ridicule argument also help aid to motivate audience to a larger extend, to create the paradox of spreading the old superstition, keeping the silly lie that constitutes the old superstition alive, helping survive the old superstition throughout our era. Mentioning the entire old superstition to full extend is of course of also to be considered as a paradox. With several motivations to choose from, that allows for the message to be spread, depending on the taste of the observer, completing the intended cycle, that is meant to convince the audience to believe that under the presumption in interest of raising (obviously unneeded) public awareness is a necessary and rightful course of action.

Cats in general, including black colored editions, are not uncommon in my neighborhood and surrounding areas. I've came to notice some odd behavior that not only me, but also others might take in consideration . Besides that some animals tend to attract attention as soon as humans see them, I found that attention for black cats peculiar.

What is it that makes {some} people stare at the animal when they encounter one, sometimes even turn around for a brief moment, perhaps to see if it's still there, and.. if it will be looking back..?

Will speading this picture help? Count to x00FF00 if you agree.

This picture also seems to be designed in effort to denounce the old superstition, to present the reversal of the of the associated depicted effect that the old superstition once had, it appears, at least to me, the same kind of troll.

I do like this one

How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you - link __here__

# Binary Merkle Circuitrees

# The genius of ignoring a Math price of being Genius

Grigory Perelman

# For Do'nique : Na Moey Zemle

Ms. Maria Arkhipova, a.k.a. Masha Scream, lead vocalist of Arkona (a folk metal band from Russia) (link to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maria_Arkhipova ).

Arkona / Аркона

The band Arkona was founded in February 2002 by two members of Dolgoprudny Slavic Neopaganism Society: Masha "Scream" Arkhipova and Alexander "Warlock" Korolyov, originally as Giperboreya (Гиперборея Hyperborea).

Fan art

Here's something that found it's way printed on clothes, this was for a performance of Arkona at some festival. It's a messy mesh of various images which includes parts of the artwork of Zdzisław Beksiński. I really, really tried to use GIMP, the GNU Image Manipulation Program, to achieve this, because I'm a believer and survivor I don't give up easily, but Gimp was pushing me to the limit, made me begging on my knees. I ended up with some real quality software to get the job done, damn good engineered software if I might say so, a rock solid program that didn't crash on me while moving layers. Some software is just worth owning and buying en enjoy using. Photoshop for instance. Here's a link to http://www.adobe.com. No seriously. I leave it to the owners if they like it, I'm neither a designer or illustrator.

Signed hat

Dominique (my daughter) wearing a hat at a festival during a performance of Arkona. The hat was signed by Masha and her husband Sergei "Lazar" Atrashkevich too.

"На моей земле" ("Na Moey Zemle") "In My Land" by Аркона, from the album "Гой, Роде, Гой!" (2009)

"A man leaves his home in Russia and travels through Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, and the Netherlands, searching for happiness."-

Central question: "what do these lands hide?". To hear the song with English translation of the lyrics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSDIbjjGDJ8

Reference notes:

* Nerthus: Germanic Earth-goddess

* Svitjod: An Old Norse name for Sweden or its people

* Sunna: Germanic Sun-goddess

* Veles: a major Slavic god

* The One-Eyed: Odin, the chief Norse god

* Žemyna: Lithuanian earth-goddess

* Velinas: Lithuanian creator-god, represented as a blacksmith

* Ąžuoliniai mounds: earth mounds in the village of Ąžuoliniai

* Thuringia: a German state, renowned for its natural beauty.


(Arkona' part)

Ой, как на рассвете

Подымалось солнце алое

Солнце алое, да утро раннее…

Провожала парня девка далеко-далеко

Далеко-далеко, да в страны дальние

Провожала, говорила

Слово свое нежное

Слово нежное, да слово обережное:

"Ой, да милый, ой, да буду, буду тебя ждати

Буду тебя ждати, да с восходом алым встречати"

Дрогнули девичьи пальцы, да слезы поймали

Да слезы поймали, ясны очи что омывали

Нежною рукою оберег с себя да снимала

Оберег снимала, да на счастие заклинала

Заклинаю, ворожу дарю во путь да любому

Любого во той дали обереги от гибели

И ушел тот молодец во земли, да во чуждые

Счастия искать сквозь года, эй!

Ой- да, ди- ра, ди-ра, да...

За следом в след, навстречу солнцу

Сквозь холод и зной, за светом и тьмой…

В серый туман

В свете заката

Вновь обращаясь к богам

Стирая в кровь босые ноги

Идешь по неизведанной дороге…

И слыша моря зов

Ты впал в объятья

Северных ветров

Ты шел за Счастьем!

Вновь вопрошаешь ты сей край о нем

(Månegarm' part)

Hör Nerthus andas tungt

Svitjods ursjäl

Nordstjärnans bleka ljus

Gråben i nattens vind

Gryning över nordens mark

Korpvinge i Sunnas hav

Här vakar mina förfäder

Vid Enögas sida

Här offrar jag till gudarna

I mina rötters jord

(Arkona' part)

Красив сей дом

Но чужд и хладен

Я слышу глас ветров иных краев

Поведай путь туда, Велесе!

Голос новой земли

Вот на нее ступает нога

Вновь свернул ты с пути

Вдаль заманила чужда река

Люди! молвите здесь

Чем славна ваша светла земля?

Боги, кто же они?

Что скрывают эти края?

(Obtest' part)

Bekraštės girios užaugino mus, vėjo žirgais į laisvę…

Duona juoda kaip žemė, tirštas putoja midus…

Žemynos sakalas saulėje saugo mūsų vaikus…

Velinas vienaakis moko mus plieną pabust…

Ąžuoliniai piliakalniai žvelgia į tolius….

Kiek akys mato – žemės mūsų senolių….

(Arkona' part)

Зря на красу златых полей

Я преклоню колено

Дань вознесу этой земле

Снова уйду бесследно

В блеске заката вновь воспылают

Новой земли просторы

Чем славна ваша светла земля

Любая чужду взору?

(Skyforger' part)

Kas kait manīm nedzīvoti

Lielas jūras maliņā

Cik jūriņa viļņus meta

Tik izmeta sudrabiņu

Es apvilku ūdens svārkus

Sīkakmeņa kažociņu

Nu es iešu jūriņai

Ar Ziemeli spēlēties

(Arkona' part)

И я вновь убегаю

С чуждой сердцу земли

Хоть велики просторы

Но они не мои

Убегаю далече

Прочь от синих морей

Люд опять вопрошаю

Я о просьбе своей

(Menir' part)

Thüringer Land, wie bist du so schön,

wie eine junge Maid.

Die Gliederlein sin Tal und Höhn

Und Wiesenschmuck dein kleid

Die frische Waldluft ist dein Hauch,

dein Reden Vogelsang.

Dein Heim, das ist ein helles Au,

dein kuss ist Glocke Klang.

Der Wald er ist dein Mantel grün,

dein Haarputz Ährengold.

Zum bunten Hause hier erblühn

die Blümlein zart und voll.

Es ist der Wiesenschmuck dein Kleid,

die Glieder, Tal und Höhn.

Du bist wie eine junge Maid

Thüringerland, so süß.

So süß.

(Arkona' part)

За следом в след

Навстречу солнцу

Сквозь холод и зной

За светом и тьмой

Я убегаю...

Я убегаю в чужие края

Ноги босые стирая

В сердце своем надежду храня

Землю свою вспоминаю

Снова бегу в ожидании чуда

Я к берегам океана

Новой земле отдам я поклон

Чем же земля эта славна?

(Heidevolk' part)

Dutch lyrics of the part performed by the Dutch folk/pagan metal band Heidevolk (link to official page of http://www.heidevolk.com/ )

U volgde de Zon, door uw goden begeleid

Westwaards bent u gereisd

Naar de grenzen van het land

Waar de zee de grond verzwelgt

Naar het land der drakenschrei

Het oord, met mijn aard vergroeid

Heeft uw pad u heengeleid

Welkom in mijn vaderland

Warm u aan de haard, mijn gast

En laaf u aan ons bier

Ver zijn eens ook wij gereisd

Maar ons geluk ligt hier

Waar mijn broeders rond het vuur

Drinken in 't nachtelijk uur

Waar verhalen en gelach

Klinken tot het aanbreken der dag

Onze vreugde vinden wij

In de wouden, in de velden en op de hei

Onze vreugde vinden wij

Aan de oevers van de Rijn

(Arkona' part)

Ой, да как стосковалось сердечко алое

Ой, о родимой, да стороне

Ой, да как на рассвете поспеши

Да! К своей Матушке Свет-Душе

И вот ты видишь Русь

Душою воспевая песнь

Сквозь омут страсти

Так вот они - Родимые Края!

В цепях забвения

Грядущей силы счастья

Ты крикнешь:

"Здесь земля моя!"

Ты крикнешь:

"Здесь земля моя!"


# Future frame of reference of beautiful.

(unrelated example)

Curious about the relevance of parts of some code, I stumbled upon this tweet about beautiful that included bits "/* To be prepared for future", while along the way "removing declarations for non-existing functions" and handling lines "that is not part of", some activities that to this date still seem unfinished, but presumably of less importance or due to other priorities. This remark wasn't what I was looking for, although the topic of good coding practice, naming and coding conventions is of interest to me.


I think I got the message right, beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. I'm, however, still not quite convinced about the merits of deploying quite a (as it appears to me) non-trivial, rather pervasive mechanism of versioning a library or program during compile time, that seems to depend on a number of asserted assembly of less obvious pieces of information and operations in resolving these pieces. Trying to unroll "it" makes me go from "erm?", then to "what?" that leads me to figure "how?" while thinking "why?" it usually ends with suspiciously silly looking from left to right, thinking "Who?", this is a way of telling that this open source code contains explicitly non-serviceable parts. That, I can understand. I guess the amount of effort was well invested, provisioning for all kinds of beautiful, must must have some trade-off somewhere, or necessity perhaps in order to prevent compatibility issues, it's means of anti-tampering measures is of purpose of something I obviously fail to see and is beyond my scope of comprehension. Afaiacs, my curiosity about how that construct works, by means of backtracking, replaying, all seems futile. Trying resolving this, step by step, kept me busy for a while, perhaps even longer than it's, I dare not say obscure, time of development of kryptographischer Software.

$ make

#line __LINE__ "sure it knows how to find it's include -error"

OSS- One thing. Because I told the founder who-what-where as response, I decided to give up. I'm sorry that I even mention it here. I let it go. What a train wreck has this become. Do you know that whoever you allow to the ring of trust of a (forked) OSS project is very good at what he or she does. One problem, He's only a few years old. And his only interest is in one project. The man not even has a legend. "is it just me"?

Somewhat unrelated: The International Obfuscated C Code Contest

link to http://www.ioccc.org/years-spoiler.html

# This sentence is false.

"A paradox is a statement that apparently contradicts itself and yet might be true (or wrong at the same time). Some logical paradoxes are known to be invalid arguments but are still valuable in promoting critical thinking. Some paradoxes have revealed errors in definitions assumed to be rigorous, and have caused axioms of mathematics and logic to be re-examined. One example is Russell's paradox, which questions whether a "list of all lists that do not contain themselves" would include itself, and showed that attempts to found set theory on the identification of sets with properties or predicates were flawed." - link to full wikipedia article __here__

Warning sign of past presented paradoxes due. >< crossing the }{ to X

This is not a paradox.

Paradox diagram of the familiar.

Pointless map (Not in honor of Yoko).

..."Past the point of no return, no backward glances

Our games of make-believe are at an end

Past all thought of if or when, no use resisting

Abandon thought and let the dream descend

What raging fire shall flood the soul?

Past the point of no return, the final threshold

What warm unspoken secrets will we learn?

Beyond the point of no return"...

I had thought of defining a group of elements that I needed to construct a sign that I would include to the subject of particular recursive suggestion . This is a flawed example that is composed of the obvious typographic features of literals with a crossing X that would suggest a some flow control or depict the rotation to end up with the same figure.

The Paradoxical Feedback / Loopback Function (circuit).

Hen quam hier sonder redene niet...

"They demand the pre- and post-quantum as some strategic advantage, 'Ohnoes! Ieesebelle! Please! Don't make me do the H.. bongo-bongo post/pre q-word lecture in that Uniform? in Leiden? they will tear me apart, embarrassingly serial, why on earth did you agree to the Q word? I will be embarrassed!' 'Well, you know the English, this way I sold them an early warning system', 'What would that be?' - "You!" - and I heard Ieesebelle sobbing, as she turned out to be a woman .. "It's you Isabel!" It's my philosphy of make that the cat wise!

Heisenberg Violation

"Those "weird evolution's" enabled by a CTC, Ringbauer notes, would have remarkable practical applications, such as breaking quantum-based cryptography through the cloning of the quantum states of fundamental particles. "If you can clone quantum states,” he says, “you can violate the Heisenberg uncertainty principle,” which comes in handy in quantum cryptography because the principle forbids simultaneously accurate measurements of certain kinds of paired variables, such as position and momentum. "But if you clone that system, you can measure one quantity in the first and the other quantity in the second, allowing you to decrypt an encoded message." - link to article __here__

Agnes Obel - Catching, Falling

# traveling bartenders

Oh noes! A black reflection

Red haired Jane hoovering foreshadows with the Four Horsemen, the leading horse is white.

The Bartender's last supper, Ultima Cena ? There are 11 with an USFF kit.

1 disciple short of Twelve orphans."Do you think that will work, are you 12?".

More blocks of Dominoes? Within the Delorean zero-point range of 53.

Orphan Jane. That's eerie alright, looks like a black.. paw?

It's not Alice from SpaceCorp, that stupid cat from the Antique store.

Just in time before the system reboots.

Mirrored, it spells Arduino mini, this appears as a prototyping breakout board with 8-bit AVR ATmega48/88/168

''Do you think you're The One''. Hard choice. "Never do yesterday what should be done Tomorrow". Make sure you go to other people's funerals, or else they won't come to yours.

Y10k proof?. Yes it is. The power of six. There's more future ahead for Alexander Hartdegen.

6 digits for up to 11.000 in 11 blocks. Light on the 4th dimension in this Space-time Hexagonal.

Whilst facing a tiresome Salesman, |-| "Horton" is compared to a "automaton" (adding insult to injury), citing the work of Hardy, but He's just better.

(Projected in the movie script: even when it comes to making decisions about non-deterministic decisions on 13:11)

Like Quora, also great at decision making, stepping out of the loop, out of the equation.

Printout of a spoon? The Grid. And it rains too. Don't blink, you might miss something.

Rollover! Logon: Falkens-Maze.

"I'm singing in the Rain" ill fated subsystem.. <<< EOL or a rather hard core kill -9 by bartender Clu.

The old man decides to do things his way: apply Chaos.

"Check that out", as he releases bits after repairing damaged code in Quora's digital DNA vectors.

closer to the portal, breamriding on a Giant Iron Butterfly,

meanwhile the guru listens to the Sound, Of background chatter\ crosstalk\ sidechannel\ Noise.

# Amazing varg

Thing Marc from Belgium used as metaphor to see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

$ which license

"Regarding the licensing differences, it's simple.

BSD: "If you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, it was meant to be."

GPL: "If you love something, set if free, but put a chain around it's neck to make sure it doesn't get out of sight."

# Pinball symphonies

(Bally Xenon Pinball- picture: not mine)

XENON is a 1980 pinball machine designed by Greg Kmiec and released by Bally. Paul Faris created the artwork and the sounds and voices were provided by Suzanne Ciani. The game was not only the first talking pinball table by Bally, but also the first with a female voice. Xenon is a sensational pinball machine that will break your nerves with it's chilling real-time soundtrack. The endless mirror effect, reffered to as the infinity back box, the endless lights in the borders is phantastic to see.

fragments of the interview that The Pinball Blog had with with the designer of XENON, Greg Kmiec - from http://www.thepinballblog.com/2009/05/pinball-heroes-greg-kmiec.html -

Greg Kmiec: Historically speaking, the game that I am most proud of is Xenon. I designed Xenon as Bally’s first multi-level game with the pinball going under a part of the playfield (the tube.) (All of the contemporary games were single level.) The artist for the game, Paul Faris, saw the clear tube and he said it reminded him of a neon sign. He wanted a futuristic name for the game. He came up with the name Xenon (an inert gas like neon.) Paul did a terrific job with the futuristic artwork.

TPB: Word on the street is Xenon was changed to be a multiball game at the last minute to compete with other manufacturers taking this step. Did you need to make wholesale changes to your design to accommodate multiball?

GK: Xenon was originally designed as a single ball game. The playfield had a ramp and a tube shot. It had great artwork and an infinity back box. This total package was complete.

Bally’s marketing department had heard of a competitor’s talking game. That’s when the decision was made to include speech. The decision was made to one-up the competition by utilizing a female’s voice, as dictated by the artwork. Bally’s marketing genius Tom Nieman secured the popular, technically astute, new-age recording artist Suzanne Ciani to supply the sounds and voices in Xenon. Ciani is known by some in the industry as the Goddess of Pinball.

Ms. Suzanne Ciani __link_to_wikipedia_article__

So now Bally had a game with a multi-level playfield, great artwork and great sounds. Then, Bally’s marketing department heard that a multi-ball game was planned for release by a competitor. Well, Bally couldn’t be beaten at their own game of one-upmanship. Bally wanted to sell a multi-ball game also.

Alan Riezman was an electrical engineer at Bally. He was part of the software department. One day, he was helping to percentage Xenon. During lunch, he threw two balls on the playfield, just to see how it would feel. He liked the action. He showed me his idea and I liked it. I told him to take his idea to the marketing department. Within hours, Xenon was transformed into a multi-ball game. Credit is due where credit is due, to Alan.

Once I determined where to capture a ball on the playfield, the only change I had to make was to add a safety switch in the lane above the MOTA saucer. This was to prevent two balls from being captured in the MOTA saucer lane. (MOTA was just ATOM spelled backwards.)

I used to own this pinball machine, Xenon, in fact I was lucky to have 2 Xenon's (!), both a worn one way or another. I repaired the table that was in the best condition, using the original parts from the more defect or worn machine. Except for one notable part that many XENON pinball machine owners have to replace the plastic tube which is a feature and mission to master the tubeshot skill. I upgraded the tube that was, in my case, also very cracked up by many hits, not simply with a new plastic Tube of the "Tubeshot" but the upgrade had a blue LED lightstrip that perfectly fitted in the design and gameplay:

From J.Cook Hi Edwin:

Someone once told me that "these should belegally required for all Xenon's".

Best regards,


or from http://sevwave.com/early_ciani/ciani_xenon/xfiles/xenon.html

Here is a close up of Xenon's signature TUBE SHOT, a clear acrylic tube that transports the ball from one side of the playfield to the other. This has a string of small lights that chase as the ball goes through it.

Very cool.

The Bally Xenon pinball machine was among the fist arcade machines to provide a game with electronic sounds and voices (samples) to interplay with the lights and scores, the game music was composed by Ms. Suzanne Ciani , who also did the voices.

"Female voices are of higher frequency than of male voices, need at least twice as much bits of information ! *to store female voices in a chip (48k eeprom)". Samples are available and provided by Suzanne Ciani's on her website with more in depth information about the involvement of Miss. Ciani during the development of Xenon.

XENON gameplay

"In the future women with soundchips in their earrings will listen to Beethoven's symphonies". Rollover Beethoven!

link to interview: (quote): "I'm not sure if you are aware that among those of us who collect and preserve arcade pinball machines, Xenon is a popular and much sought after game that has achieved something of a cult status".

Pretty, pretty eyes

While there is detailed information available about the design and to some extend details about the development of the XENON pinball machine, I could not find any clear reference or story behind the theme, why a female with some familiar and unfamiliar features that do not classify for human species, was chosen as the central theme and the plot device, to perform in a role of what some may consider an antagonist in a way without needing to being villainous or evil, just seductive and challenging. The thought of a female robot comes to mind when I look at some of the artwork, if one regards the artwork as such, a human looking character that is most likely female by the attribution of some familiar recognizable psychical features that would classify a female species of some sort, other features in the artwork are rather off this world, such as the distinct facial features, the eyes, seem to suggest some alien species but more that of a female robot.

What others found and say about the XENON theme - fragment from http://www.silverball-magic.com/smagic/my-machines-xenon.html

"Xenon was kind of unique when it came out in 1980, and so was its theme. The playfield is full of complicated artwork (which makes it all that much harder to retouch it) and can be read like a silent comic: you see the robotic and alien-like "blue woman" on the backglass and the playfield, and she is what seems to be the mistress or goddess of the world that is Xenon. But what is this place? From what I read on other Xenon fan pages and what can clearly be seen on the playfield, the story seems to center around transformation of female and male humans to beings who look similar to the goddess (look at the shape of their heads), and all the sex displayed in the art (women wearing tight underwear and men showing their nude transformed body) leads you to believe that Xenon must be a kind of pleasure world where the goddess guides visitors through and welcomes them to stay as alternate, higher beings of life.".

What is known about the female voices and samples is that most, if not all , were defined by miss. Ciani, who made suggestions on what voice samples would be heard by the game player to persuade to engage and perform the proposed challenges. Miss Ciani used her own voice to provide for the female voice in XENON. The designers have succeeded with artwork and by the sound and voices heard during gameplay, is projecting the illusion of being tempted to engage the challenges offered by hearing the voice samples of a female. From what I've learned no vocoder was used in the process. But I'm convinced that the way the eyes of the female are defined in the artwork, that this character more of a robot. An alienated robot that is. With a human female voice. I've come to wonder if and what mr. Siegmund Freud would have noted about the popular usage of portraying a female, perhaps or most likely a human looking robot. Perhaps he would consider that das peepsenlooken von ein enigmatischen machine-frau is zhe inverse of das Unheimliche.

The notion of female "automata" is, however, older than one might expect. There are references found in extremely historic literature that refer to the same concept of the supposed attractiveness of a construct, a automaton built as a human looking female. But also in movies, the storyline evolving of a fenale robot has many references in popular culture. Most stories are concerned with the beauty, also the movement of the automata, to contribute for a persuading human impression that along with the subtle skills that are attributed to in stories are compellingly convincing enough to attract men, who in some stories come to learn that they are mistaken the female looking automata as a real living person.

Wikipedia about female robots:

"The robot female was perhaps inspired by the appearance of the 1927 German science fiction film "Metropolis" by Fritz Lang, which features a "gynoid" (wikipedia) crafted in a form that resembles or pertains to the female human form although the term "gynoid" relates more to humanoid robots that are designed to look like a human female.

The first gynoid in film, the maschinenmensch ("machine-human"), also called "Parody", "Futura", "Robotrix", or the "Maria impersonator", in Fritz Lang's Metropolis is also an example: a femininely shaped robot is given skin so that she is not known to be a robot and successfully impersonates the imprisoned Maria and works convincingly as an exotic dancer.

Such gynoids are designed according to cultural stereotypes of a perfect woman, being "sexy, dumb, and obedient", and reflect the emotional frustration of their creators. Fictional gynoids are often unique products made to fit a particular man's desire, as seen in the novel Tomorrow's Eve and films The Perfect Woman, The Benumbed Woman, The Stepford Wives, Mannequin and Weird Science,[29] and the creators are often male "mad scientists" such as the characters Rotwang in Metropolis, Tyrell in Blade Runner, and the husbands in The Stepford Wives. Gynoids have been described as the "ultimate geek fantasy: a metal-and-plastic woman of your own."

In Metropolis the gynoid is built as a robot, a female "Maschinenmensch", or Machine-Human, in attempt to resurrect a passed away female named Maria. The human robot gradually transforms from Machine-human to a double of the dead woman, reaching the final state of Maria's evolvement. There is however, a story that has some funny coincidence the way the automata responds and communicates with the protagonist. During the gameplay, the seductive voice of miss. Ciani, for example "Try Xeeeeenon" is heard in attraction mode or "try Tubeshot" but there are other voices heard more frequently if one plays well. The short story "The Sandman", by ETA Hoffmann, mentions gynoids on multiple occasions. In the story, a gynoid named Olimpia plays the harpsichord, sings and dances. Olimpia's stiffness of movement and coldness of touch appear strange to many of the company. The protagonist, Nathanael, dances with her repeatedly, awed by her perfect rhythm, and eventually tells her of his passion for her, to which Olimpia replies only "Ah, ah!". He visits Olimpia repeatedly, reading her the poems and mysticism that had so bored his former love Klara, and Olimpia listens to it all and replies only "Ah, ah!", which the protagonist interprets as understanding. In XENON, during gameplay,when the table logic responds to bumper hits there is the familiar "Oooh" and "Aaah" moaning sound effects. That's no way to treat a lady! Or is it?

"Most other people consider her dull and stupid, although pretty, and with strangely mechanical actions."

I would love to hear the writer performing the only sounds that Olimpia is able to produce, "Ah, ah", this would be interesting because of the German linguistic that applies. I have no doubt about Olimpia, I think she is pretty much Turing complete and when a automaton says "Ah ah!" then it's in desperate need of handling some other processes during idle or stale, perhaps some recursive algorithm that runs, by the count of "Ah ah" with timed intervals to indicate the binary abstraction.... of the next biggest mersenne prime.


I also owned a 90's class dot-matrix type pinball machines like this one: Gilligans Island *promo video below

# Pony | tail !

“I think there are huge problems around [IT] having a 'nerdy' image. If you look at the media representation of IT professionals, it’s not cool. Most of the time, if you think of an IT person in the media it’s going to be the unwashed nerd in the corner with a ponytail and sandals that doesn’t have a girlfriend.”- Society's view of IT workers as 'unwashed nerds' stops women entering industry - by Roland Moore-Colyer 09 Feb 2015

Example of a regular male individual with long hair in a ponytail. While it is true that most males who have long hair often use only one binder to tie their hair together in order to wair a ponytail, this male prefers to let his braid with enough strands suggesting a form of French or rather Nordic braiding style was applied. The ponytail is divided in an insignificant number of sectors with white cotton wrappers that do not contain metal. Males with long hair are often mistaken and even accused of, being related to or regarded as hippies, communists, liberals, swiss Freemasons, subcultures such as trash-metal fans of "Slayer", even Norwegians for absolutely the wrong reasons.

NO, still doesn't add up

Disclaimer, for some.

any resemblance to actual people dead or alive is therefore in any case purely coincidental. The reader will not have any doubt about any resemblance and these words: for the obvious reason. To insure the privacy and freedom of the volunteer and the site maintainer there is a disclaimer added to it: by reading the words after this sentence, the reader silently agrees to the following rules that will be the agreement. If the reader sees any resemblance after this sentence: the reader must not get trapped in the paradox by thinking that mentioning any resemblance would be a paradox, for the obvious reason.

The person in the picture could fit the description of a certain kind of individual iff certain specific features would be observed involving the wardrobe of this man, that would at least to some knowledgeable observers who are aware of this and are somewhat familiar with some of the recognizable distinct visual elements out of the wide spectrum of known qualities that are attributed to, or worse, they attribute to themselves.


(task this guy, he will- this is begging for it-, besides that, he's probably hired to do so anyways, if you are lucky you'll end up enjoying a fabulous debian derived OS or something far more exotic, I'm thinking.. A dusted off CD with Brenda printed on it.).

(this person is somehow less likely to be asked, but probably will reinstall that OS that had it's EOL announced decades ago, perhaps this helldesk will go forensics to help you get your data back, even that fat blob that looks like "Hibernation.tmp.temp.xyzzy.printerspool" and that holds no magic, perhaps with some force, or want it deleted, DOD-10?).

# July 2017 - Testanebt, I Surrendered The Legacy of What Would Be more Fun to be Dutch about,

to give to the young, I had the OpenBSD, kicking kiddes to >/dev/null most disappeared in what I call the bermuda vector of someone needing it more than I do.

Besides spending my time sometimes Blueboxing on 300bps links to the South Americas, hopping on the telecom carrier to the Owls Nest BBS, hooking up to the internets and fishing my sw X25 mail from aloha nets when I was young, I also supported my favorite ISP XS4ALL and the HFH, and, just to mention, let it be known that Sil.de, a.k.a. Redhead is the preserver of the Hacktic sign (white board).

$ cat /etc/services | grep "ttytst" (at) gmail.com

The Spanish DoJ had some exciting news about the tremendous enorminous trafficing packet propagation that was somewhat related to Sven K. (shown in vid below )

the Charley Bravo THREE Romeo Oscar Bravo

(AX25 callsign from the 90's),


CyberBunker has a long history of run-ins with the law. In 2002 a fire broke out in the bunker they operated from. After the fire was put out it was discovered that besides internet hosting services an MDMA laboratory was in operation.[9] Three of the four men charged with the operation of the lab were convicted to three-year prison sentences; the fourth was acquitted due to a lack of evidence.

The Pirate Bay

In October 2009 BitTorrent tracker The Pirate Bay, which had been subjected to legal action by various anti-piracy groups including Dutch copyright organisation BREIN,[11] moved away from Sweden to CyberBunker. In 2010 the Hamburg district court ruled that CyberBunker, operating in Germany as CB3Rob Ltd & Co KG, was no longer allowed to host The Pirate Bay, being subject to a €250,000 fine or up to 2 years imprisonment for each infringement.

On 25 April 2013 Sven Olaf Kamphuis, a vocal spokesman for CyberBunker, was arrested at the request of Dutch authorities near Barcelona by Spanish Police after collaboration through Eurojust. An anonymous press release uploaded on Pastebin the following day demanding the release of Kamphuis threatened with more large-scale attacks should he remain in custody. The Spanish authorities reported that Kamphuis operated from a well-equipped bunker and used a van as a mobile computing office.

Sven who had bought a former NATO Bunker for 1 euro, called it the CyberBunker to host all kinds of material. The stamps are original. The blame game was so silly, Spanish DoJ surrendered Kamph. to the Netherlands, didn't know what to do with him. I regard Sven as one of the best around, packetstorm ltd.

This was the largest DDoS attack EVER : link

Also, I want to pay some respect to CB3ROB's, in honor of Sven's resistance to DoJ BS Sven was blamed for arranging the greatest DDOS known to date (...) or something. Some official looking stamps "TOP SECRET" were found that came from the ex-NATO Cyberbunker ISP hosting company, it really doesn´t add up to that silly accusation. e-mail chargen AT gmail DOT com if you find this funny https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc864


Report about the HFH, feat. first hacker in the Netherlands to be jailed as some kind of FUD measure, lockpicking, IRC, some ponytail XS4ALL employees, De Digitale Stad, helldesk {Evelinux?}, others, etc. even mentioning the HAL2001 event (which I remember the TOR introduction speech)... (rented for preservation)

@BaardhMarie Hi to Marie B. from Sweden, you still use those floppy disks!. //qrt

It's the thought that counts.

Totally unrelated: __Texas_hippie_coalition__

# parameter too large

(not the actual number).

"Parameter too large". This has nothing to do with mr. von Neumann pulling the Nixie Tubesfrom neither side of the Mainframe status display that shows some squared number. In this time, 2015, a certain number was but 1 off as per suggestion, of being not a large arbitrary parameter. There was a number that raised some havoc, a flame war with some magnitude, leaving all sorts of questions mainly about the meaning of it all, to one who said that a few bits of these could even potentially drain all the system services, to the other it was just for the aesthetics. Someone even tried to Finnish it off: more havoc. Whatever it was. It meant a lot, but not only to me. The Moonlight will perhaps shed a light on it, someday.

#define PI 3.1416

Straight "forward" roundtrip floating point to integer conversions with enough accuracy requires some1

11.0010010000 1111110110101 01000100010000101101000110000 10001101001 1000100110001100110001010001011100000001101110000 01110011010001...

Depending on the stepping of precision, values are rounded to n significant bits (marked grey).

Cos' 0xFA17/PI. Intel Pentium Pro KB80521EX200, 200 MHz, 256 KB Cache, disarmed. Hopefully.

P-Pro was placed on a special carpet to perform workaround to handle several FPU bugs. Workaround was was a tremendous static discharge aimed at the FPU region just below the markings on the CPU, although the FPU bug is quite harmless, They Say, chances are one in a billion to encounter one,, but still they come. "from orbit". To be sure.

KB80521EX200 SL22T 256K


ICOMP(R) 2 #=220


INTEL (m) (c) '94 '96



SL22T 256K

Pentium II and Pentium Pro FPU bug


On April 11, 1997, Robert Collins, an Intel critic and author of the Intel Secrets page, introduced a bug in the floating point unit (FPU) of the Pentium II and the Pentium Pro processors. He called the bug Dan-0411, and it is also known as the Pentium II and Pentium Pro FPU bug or the flag erratum (as it is referenced by Intel)

This bug occurs with operations that convert floating point numbers into integers. Floating point numbers are stored in an 80-bit format, while integers are stored in 16-bits (for short integer) and 32-bits (for long integers). Sometimes, converting an 80-bit floating point number into an integer on the Pentium II and the Pentium Pro produces the Dan-0411 bug. This happens when the converted floating point number won't fit into the smaller integer format. According to Intel's Flag Erratum Technical Description site, the erratum occurs only when the FIST[P] instruction is either a 16- or 32-bit operation; either the 'to nearest', 'to zero' or 'up' rounding modes are being used; the sign bit of the floating-point operand is negative; and the floating-point operand being converted is significantly more negative than can be described by the integer size being targeted.

When the operand is large enough that it would not fit into the target data size the processor is supposed to do the following:

when invalid operation exception is masked:

    • Return the MAXNEG value to memory.

    • Set the IE (Invalid Operation) bit in the Floating Point status word to flag the overflow.

  • Do not set the PE (precision error) bit the Floating Point status word.

when invalid operation exception is unmasked:

    • Do not return a result to memory. Keep the original operand intact on the stack.

    • Set the IE (Invalid Operation) bit in the Floating Point status word to flag the overflow.

    • Do not set the PE (precision error) bit the Floating Point status word.

  • Vector to the user numeric exception handler.

However, in the case that the operand is large enough that it would not fit into the target data size, the processor responds with returning the MAXNEG value to memory; not setting the IE (Invalid Operation) bit in the Floating Point status word to flag the use of an invalid operand; setting the PE (precision error) bit the Floating Point status word; not invoking an exception handler; and in the case of a FISTP instruction the Operand will have been popped from the floating point stack (Flag Erratum Technical Description).

The chance of this bug occuring is 1 in 8.6 billion, when storing 16-bit integers, and 1 in 562,950 billion, when storing 32-bit integers. The bug was not found in the Pentium and the Pentium MMX processors. When talking about the bug Collins gives an interesting analogy about a launch failure of the Ariane 5 rocket, which happened because a floating point to integer conversion overflowed and the overflow was not handled right. However, the Pentium II and Pentium Pro FPU bug was found to be minor. Most PC applications, such as word processors, data bases, most spreadsheets, and most games, do not use floating point math and can not be affected by the bug. Further, most of the software vendors, such as Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Netscape, and others, have indicated that the bug does not affect their products. Intel has also suggested the following workarounds to avoid the occurence of the bug:

    • Range checking performed prior to execution of the FIST[P] instruction will prevent the overflow condition from occurring, and may already be implemented as a standard coding style.

    • Software can use the presence of MAXNEG in the result integer to indicate that an out of range conversion may have occurred.

    • Based on the knowledge that numbers capable of triggering this erratum have one of two properties (1) they have a fractional component OR (2) they are larger than the maximum signed 64 bit integer size. A combination of three instructions can be used in place of either a FISTP16 or a FISTP32 instruction that will allow the above errata to be worked around.

No excuses, Mr Intel. This is all your fault.

#undef PI

/* Tau is more versatile */

# Is it safe?.

from: http://www.feynmanonline.com/

The Mysterious 137

If you have ever read Cargo Cult Science by Richard Feynman, you know that he believed that there were still many things that experts, or in this case, physicists, did not know. One of these 'unknowns' that he pointed out often to all of his colleagues was the mysterious number 137. This number is the value of the fine-structure constant (the actual value is one over one-hundred and thirty seven), which is defined as the charge of the electron (q) squared over the product of Planck's constant (h) times the speed of light (c). This number actually represents the probability that an electron will absorb a photon. However, this number has more significance in the fact that it relates three very important domains of physics: electromagnetism in the form of the charge of the electron, relativity in the form of the speed of light, and quantum mechanics in the form of Planck's constant. Since the early 1900's, physicists have thought that this number might be at the heart of a GUT, or Grand Unified Theory, which could relate the theories of electromagnetism, quantum mechanics, and most especially gravity. However, physicists have yet to find any link between the number 137 and any other physical law in the universe. It was expected that such an important equation would generate an important number, like one or pi, but this was not the case. In fact, about the only thing that the number relates to at all is the room in which the great physicist Wolfgang Pauli died: room 137. So whenever you think that science has finally discovered everything it possibly can, remember Richard Feynman and the number 137.

Dr. Bill Riemers writes: classical physics tells us that electrons captured by element #137 (as yet undiscovered and unnamed) of the periodic table will move at the speed of light. The idea is quite simple, if you don't use math to explain it. 137 is the odds that an electron will absorb a single photon. Protons and electrons are bound by interactions with photons. So when you get 137 protons, you get 137 photons, and you get a 100% chance of absorption. An electron in the ground state will orbit at the speed of light. This is the electromagnetic equivalent of a black hole. For gravitational black hole, general relativity comes to the rescue to prevent planets from orbiting at the speed of light and beyond. For an electromagnetic black hole, general relativity comes to the rescue and saves element 137 from having electrons moving faster than the speed of light. However, even with general relativity, element 139 would still have electrons moving faster than light. According to Einstein, this is an impossibility. Thus proving that we still don't understand 137.

Dr. James G. Gilson contributes more with his Solution to a 20th Century Mystery: Feynman's conjecture of a relation between α, the fine structure constant, and π.

Feynman's Conjecture: A general connection of the quantum coupling constants with π was anticipated by R. P. Feynman in a remarkable intuitional leap some 40 years ago as can be seen from the following much quoted extract from one of Feynman's books.

There is a most profound and beautiful question associated with the observed coupling constant, e, the amplitude for a real electron to emit or absorb a real photon. It is a simple number that has been experimentally determined to be close to -0.08542455. (My physicist friends won't recognize this number, because they like to remember it as the inverse of its square: about 137.03597 with about an uncertainty of about 2 in the last decimal place. It has been a mystery ever since it was discovered more than fifty years ago, and all good theoretical physicists put this number up on their wall and worry about it.) Immediately you would like to know where this number for a coupling comes from: is it related to π or perhaps to the base of natural logarithms? Nobody knows. It's one of the greatest damn mysteries of physics: a magic number that comes to us with no understanding by man. You might say the "hand of God" wrote that number, and "we don't know how He pushed his pencil." We know what kind of a dance to do experimentally to measure this number very accurately, but we don't know what kind of dance to do on the computer to make this number come out, without putting it in secretly!

The Solution: It will here be shown that this problem has a remarkably simple solution confirming Feynman's conjecture. Let P(n) be the perimeter length of an n sided polygon and r(n) be the distance from its centre to the centre of a side. In analogy with the definition of π = C / 2r we can define an integer dependent generalization, π(n), of π as π(n) = P(n) / (2r(n)) = n tan(π / n). Let us define a set of constants {α(n1, n2)} dependent on the integers n1 n2 as α(n1, n2) = α(n1, ∞) π(n1 x n2) / π, ...........................* where α(n1,∞) = cos(π / n1) / n1. The numerical value of α, the fine structure constant, is given by the special case n1 = 137, n2 = 29. Thus α = α(137,29) = 0.0072973525318... The experimental value for α is αexp = 0.007297352533(27), the (27) is +/- the experimental uncertainty in the last two digits.

The very simple relation * between α, the fine structure constant, π and π(n) confirms Feynman's conjecture and also his amazing intuitional skills.

Link: For details of how the formula * was obtained and some of the consequences arising from it visit the website: http://www.fine-structure-constant.org/.

"This nobel prize winning physicist is well known for his interesting and amusing lectures. However, not many know that he was also an artist, working under the pseudonym Ofey. Most of his work bears the Ofey signature and his primary area was drawing. He was also an avid bongo player". The Museum Syndicate is able to provide a sample of Feynman's art for viewing online.

# Atom Heart Father

I hung up the Pink Floyd wall tapestry I ordered from the http://www.hippieshop.com/. I mention this album because of this (is not here).

spectacular with the glasses on. It's the red/blue type and the color spectrum clearly stands out of it. Especially the black lines separating the colors coming from the prism.

When I was about to throw away the wrapping box that contained the tapestry I noticed there was a pair of paper 3d glasses inside the box. This is a 3d wall tapestry and it looks

# The adagio will tear your lurves and kladden out

"Vos Creditis, als eine Fabel, / quod scribitur vom Doctor Schnabel".

speaking of 1 cup...

# Lorem Ipsum

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vestibulum volutpat interdum nibh in vehicula. Cras ligula ex, placerat quis rutrum eu, pellentesque sed mauris. Morbi non pharetra mauris. Curabitur vitae nisl sed ex rutrum viverra. Nulla eget purus arcu. Proin eget nisl eu nisl finibus feugiat at sed nisi. Quisque pharetra tristique dolor, nec accumsan metus semper ut. Nulla maximus accumsan mollis. Phasellus feugiat condimentum arcu, et dictum dolor malesuada at. Sed justo ex, semper a condimentum vitae, laoreet quis augue. Nulla hendrerit nisi velit, in rhoncus tortor efficitur ut. Sed feugiat ut sapien at malesuada. Sed nisi e

"Vos Creditis, als eine Fabel, / quod scribitur vom Doctor Schnabel". nim, commodo eu nisl vitae, volutpat porta orci. Deyr fé,deyja frændr,deyr sjálfr et sama;ek veit einn,at aldri deyr:dómr um dauðan hvern.

# disclaimer

* The Plausible deniability that someone would need as a summed up battery of excuses and depart the depicted scene using an literal Escape Pod, because of some opinion or observation of any kind of defects that would leverage the imaginary level of quality of experiencing the contents of presented pages, these excuses are often cited in a silly disclaimer, I'm "sorry" to disappoint the observer because this disclaimer is no disclaimer in a way that would even come with an excuse for presenting a disclaimer, instead consider a parallel universe where the observer is the only one responsible for projecting and (miss)interpretation of these contents under the strong assumption that the arrow of time is pointing towards the past, observations are projections in reversed time. Just in case the observer has any objection to that, the remainder of this disclaimer has so much sincere excuses and apologies that it is concealed with layers of purple smoke coming from oriental incense and peppermints. Anger is a legitimate emotion in the face of injustice. Passive acceptance of evil is not a virtue. Instead, let's take a break and __try_this__:

Good sense, innocence, cripplin' and kind.

Dead kings, many things I can't define.

Oh Cajun spice, sweats and blushers your mind.

Incense and peppermints, the color of thyme.

Who cares what games we choose?

Little to win, but nothing to lose.

incense and peppermints, meaningless nouns.

Turn on, tune in, turn your eyes around.

Look at yourself, look at yourself,

Yeah, yeah.

that disclaimer would serve only a but a few observers that actually need an excuse for just about anything as part of a imposed upon cultural ritual or habit they practice that is to be judgmental just about everything in their surroundings. In that case contents would be seen as a giant black monolith that appeared overnight in the middle of their tribe, next to the monolith there's a box with a distinct red light -which appears pulsating, this due to a disharmonious resonance from observer and frequency of the light- this light comes from a round hole. On the monolith there's a note attached: Caution! Do not read this aloud! Do not confront box with red light with type I or type II errors. It's written in Dutch, the universal language that no one is allowed to speak but the Dutch (and it makes English so cute to listen to). Meanwhile, there's "a signal" "received" by the monolith, it's just plain Dutch quantum data, for some reason it was decided to use faster than light instant transfers I think it was intended to annoy the secret Calvinist cult in the Netherlands. Other than that, O cannot think of another reason which makes more sense, the quantum data is even fault tolerant with forward error correction. I'm sorry for that. The interpretation is passed along millions of generations by Dutch songs that children sing, with so much time-coded telemetry ado, powwow, blah - blah, bong-bong being instantly communicated by entangled atoms that are located on Jupiter, __because_that's_why_Jupiter_was_invented_for__.

Wat ik toen dacht, dat is nog steeds van kracht.


# news 2014-aug/sep

# news pre-2k

http://www.freebsd.org I just like the picture and think of net... open... dragons.. no just BSDi.

#include <sys/time.h>

#include <stdio.h>


main(int argc, char **argv)


return (gettimeofday((void *)-1, NULL));


In the year 2525, will these pages still live in some cache?