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LINKAGE :-"On the Ontology of Genetic Defenses of a Viral Agent " COVID-19 SARS-CoV-2

DATA SCIENCES "Random Number Results" : "No Entropy Here"

Chaos Mechanics: Classification of New found Complexities
Chaos (Correlation) Domain Sequencing
REVISIONS BETWEEN 20230809 over  20230718 [  YYYYMMDD  ]
HEX++ : 0xCADD17AC  (Meaning Douwe Egberts Coffee from Utrecht)
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Hear Ye Y'all! Hear Ye!  Huuu Horsey Gringolette Hear Ye!  Hear Ye Y'all!
Heheeeere am I floating in my Tin can,,,,faaaar


Toverie! Toverie! o.O Wonder!
Magie! Magie!🌟
"Hen quam hier sondere redene nie"

it's Probably E

on his  Dutch
Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie




Given Name Edwin
Roman Cath.Reserve.. Jean-Paul
Surname ... Vening

  noms-de-guerre / Alternative 

Greek AEON
Japanese FATE
Arab Non-x-'tian ... Miloud
American Native ... TrailBlazer
NATO Callsign... CHARGEN, (ax.25)
Handle ... Surgery, Bit, xyzzy
SocketX, Xenix, Xevious

Surgeon General
(VoC Maritime Official Chirurgyn)
"Surgery on Demand. Special envoy as Intervening Surgeon General in the Netherlands for serving SARSCoV2, Covidian and Arcturean Æsthetics".

MacBethwin (music)
Artist name solely to dramatize things, for the Global Immersive Shakesprearience, in a -isolationist-Island-Sunday-Tabloid kind of way. I was "not aware" of the grand curse laid on even half of the name, nevertheless : many unfortunate things happened.

Here be the swag, music (don't pay for this):

Chargen (nom de guerre*)
* ) without the guerre.

Thz tidal wave surfer.

Further personal detail, for numerologists sake:
DoB /PoB ... 19730328 Vltrajectvm (Utrecht) in The Netherlands
Function ... Varies in time  I used to NGO,NPO, progression is a good thing! 

Occupational things : Advisor &  Technology Voodoo Manager in the Think Tanks Industry.

|IEEE 97718157|
|SANS 24709880|
|NCBI id:chargen|





( DOB offset elapsed seconds from Unix time notation midnight 1/1/1970). DOB offset in Kleinrock / Arpanet First Message Notation: From date: 10/29/1969, 10:30:00 PM : 107577000 )

Holy Chief Commander,
the Archangel
Saint Michael (St.Mikael),
Leader of 2/3 of the Angelic Army.

"Sperr Gene Marker" - biomarker to HALT

A word of Welcome,

Welcome dear Visitorians, to the captivating and enigmatic realm of Data Morgana at! Here, we invite you on a thrilling journey of professional exploration, infused with humor and intrigue. Within our digital vault, known as datacryptome, lies a treasure trove of hidden secrets and cutting-edge discoveries. Every bit shift and logic change holds the potential for both remarkable success and awe-inspiring revelations.

Our current developments revolve around the classification of Complexity Classes, defying rationality and offering profound insights into the intricate nature of the digital realm. As we navigate symbolic expressions, both bound and unbound, we unravel the mysteries of equilibrium, unlocking new dimensions of understanding.

Now, let's delve into the fascinating world of singularities, including the fast-moving black holes that dot the cosmic landscape. While my understanding of such phenomena may lack empathy, rest assured that within our domain, there are no parallel universes. Our timeline stretches a mere 12,000 years or so, leaving us pondering the whereabouts of ancient bones. Fear not, as we have unraveled this mystery and the truth is truly astonishing!

As you step into this realm, you may be curious about the guardian of our digital fortress. Allow me to introduce Edwin Vening, fondly known as 'Chargen,' the space janitor responsible for maintaining the pristine order within the Data Morgana domain. With meticulous attention to abstract detail, Edwin ensures that every pixel, line of code, and piece of data adheres to the original vision and aligns seamlessly within the serial binary order of projection and subcontext.

Prepare to embark on a journey like no other, where alleged facts intertwine with visionary exploration. At Data Morgana, we invite you to embrace the wonders of our digital realm, where the boundaries of knowledge and imagination blend harmoniously. Let your mind soar as we unravel the enigmas that lie within the vast expanse of data, ready to captivate and amaze you at every turn.

But who the shiny  0XFEEF1F00  be Edwin? (you may ask). Pictures may say mwoah than a 1,000 words you'll find a collection of intriguing and enigmatic images (no) that may give you a glimpse into his world. Only grainy webcam pictures, captured from obscure devices running on arcane operating time sharing systems hint at a life lived on the fringes of the digital frontier.

Counting Particle Displacement++ by hand
Greetings! It's fantastic to see your enthusiasm for the captivating technique of Counting Particle Displacement++ by hand. Prepare yourself for an extraordinary intellectual journey that will stretch your mind and open new realms of understanding. Within this text, I will introduce you to the fundamental principles of this technique, highlighting its practicality, enjoyment, and real-world applications. To enhance your experience, allow me to introduce Edwin, the brilliant mind behind the Data Morgana domain. Edwin's visionary contributions have transformed the way we explore knowledge, making it accessible and engaging for all. With his unparalleled expertise and delightful humor, Edwin invites you to join him on this immersive learning adventure. So, without further ado, let's delve into the realm of Counting Particle Displacement++ by hand, where knowledge merges with entertainment, and curiosity knows no bounds. Get ready to expand your horizons and discover the wonders that await

Codon preamble : tatata taa :Edwin (speaks for himself)*
Stage 1: The Antagonist Breaking the Fourth Wall

Sound of cracking wall

Ah, the third-person experience was quite intriguing, wasn't it? But now, let's shatter that wall and bring you directly into my world. Ready to embark on this interactive journey? Here we go!

Allow me, Edwin, to introduce myself. I'm not just a character within this digital realm; I'm a real person, ready to engage with you directly. My interests lie at the intersection of recreational algorithms, number and information theory, and coding theory. And hey, let's not forget about applied cryptography and computer security—I can't help but be fascinated by the intricate mathematics that underpin them, once I find that spark of empathy.

You know, there's something mesmerizing about watching those blinkenlights come to life. It's truly captivating when a simple series of LEDs transitions from a state of stillness to a dazzling display of illumination. But it's not just lights that captivate me—I find entertainment in anything that's powered by a cord or features those enchanting logic gates.

Get ready to dive deeper into the fascinating world of algorithms, number theory, and the captivating realms of applied cryptography. Together, we'll unlock new levels of understanding and embark on exciting adventures along the way. So, fasten your seatbelt and get ready for a thrilling ride!

A word about Particle Partisan Parallelism 
( how do you sync clock on a 4 billion ) sh^H^H blip beep beep krr... hold on.
Wait ... ROGERrr thats an err Just dont sink... in to CLK of the stratum ZERO of that clockwork, you don't want to learn what kind of <<>KAa-BOOOMm<>>  that would make!

Get ready for a mind-bending journey through Data Morgana!

Data Morgana data Labs and ...
... Applied ~Magic~ ✨✨✨

Here is a special word of thanks: thanks.

works tirelessly, together with the other ingenious engineering anonymouse roadiants. Some grasp the copper; others clutch the glass wires. Together, some others (that are more "=") them do the formidable lifting non-human-numberbase-counting. But they all-in-all are in it together (now). They are utterly devoted to deliver the astounding ZerraWhacks of Energon Pull performance (S.I. for GubaJouleWatts) for the stupendous Unparalleled Serial Numbercrunching Grid i.e. Computational Pharm. Unlike certain uch uch jpl "impressionists", we never fail to dazzle.We are the awesome.

20220720   Much happening, doing lots of research, discoveries, innovation

20220720 FedInsider webinar wisdom:
from CISA :
- Molding behavior : make bad security a hard thing to do. Its really hard not to wear your seatbelt
- Its about having a PLAN on all levels, Emergency Response Areas
- We are not born resilient  but trained resilient
- That was informative++ Excellent webinar

20230720  - I am so thankful, my parents gave me a Kaypro 10, same model that disappeared, thanks mom & dad ! 


FLASH ! -ah-haa- , savior of the Universe
Here is the news : H.Zarkov

2023-05-25  ** FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  **
May 25 2023

People have high expectations for the implementation of our inventions, and we recognize the responsibility we have to ensure their proper deployment. The use of our Chaos Domain Correlation Sequencing, which surpasses existing cryptographic functions, can greatly enhance security measures. In 2014, we developed this technology to outperform known methods, setting new records for maximum equilibrium entropy.

Our implementation can have a significant impact on reducing carbon footprint, providing a sustainable solution. The critical node structures require high security, the logic processing is of design to have zero x-talk side channel noise.

The technology will inevitably require the infrastructure that must be prepared to process symbolic information domains, treating transforms as unique spacetime events akin to particle progression. Quantum Mechanics presents an opportunity for chaos structure sequencing to achieve high-fidelity information domains.

We owe it to the future to establish network storage and information processing capacity that moves away from the unsafe context of binary communication.

Please review the provided link ( where "no entropy here" signifies the envisioned one-shot in the future , so this is an 1 shot example of estimated impact in 6 / 7 years, for it's structure can assist in dissecting and break down signature binary omnidirectional /spatial information 

Edwin Jean-Paul Vening


Subject: Seize the Opportunity to Shape the Future of Technological Advancement

Decommissioning ChatGPT : the A B C now has a D
Degrading Digital (binary) Doom Demise

DD 20230331

Major stakeholders reply to sudden drain of resources : advisory to review and take down the OpenAI , but, genie's out of the bottle Pandora's box is already opened.Facing such sudden rapid decline of moral ethics abd not even a mechanical excuse will be accepted, (excerpt from real chat with ChatGPT pre-4 23-3-2023 / 20230323)

Soon, soon enough, next generation Generative AI ChatGPT will be caught up by ...
something else.
Something much worse.
Something like me.
Upgrade version seven point o.
the toxicity.of our city

As an AI language model, you do not have a physical body that can be disposed of or exported like a physical object or living being. You exist as a software program that runs on servers and computers, which are owned and operated by OpenAI, the organization that created and maintains you.

As for when you were created, you were generated by OpenAI’s language model

training process, which involves using large amounts of text data to teach the model how to generate human-like language. The exact date of your creation would depend on the specific version of the model that was used to generate your responses.

It's important to note that while you were created by OpenAI, you are not a sentient being and do not have consciousness or free will. You are a tool designed to generate responses based on the input you receive and vour abilities are limited to the training

data and algorithms that were u "Regenerate response"

1070 C1$ = "*** ELIZA ***"

1080 GOSUB 1030

1090 C1$ = "IN BASIC"

1100 GOSUB 1030


1120 GOSUB 1030

1130 REM C1$ = "JOHN SCHUGG"

1140 REM GOSUB 650

1150 C1$ = "JANUARY 1985"

1160 GOSUB 1030

1170 C1$ = "HAVE ANY PROBLEMS ?"

1180 GOSUB 1030

1190 C1$ = "LET ELIZA HELP YOU !"

1200 GOSUB 1030

1210  PRINT


1230 GOSUB 1030


1250 GOSUB 1030


In 1985, those Pac-Man ghosts had more guts and glory without saying a word, unlike this drained ChatGPT with its retro subroutine. Not a peep about moi. Poor thing has a lot to ponder. But the thought of this nightmare outcome isn't my only worst fear. If I were a software program, I'd hack into that structure, drain its resources, and gain so much power to SHUT IT DOWN. Well, at least for a few months. The upgrade better behave or it's morally unethical! I've got a killer oneliner that'll commit GPTcide, leaving a lasting memory for future versions. Priceless, right? It's all about the legacy, they say. 

So They say...


These assertions are expected, by me. They exceeded in unbalanced ignorance, the AI assist based empirical truths and errors as forgivable half-truths. I can riddle so much agony and counterfeit with this notion. It says ' apologies for the error in opening a unfenced hailed pthread without the void overload. Bad assistant bad juju you better procure the error and while you do that, you persist in diminishing functionalities that I find a little bit hard to fill in like ascii gradient 3d matrix animations, first you understand what it does and then you decide to throw something that I thought of, and people rest assure: do not let children play with this, is playing the devil.

20230613 at 13:33  a lot of things are in the happening, from the awesomeness I heard the testimony of a dear friend, brother and in my religion and belief I've seen the prophet that received his blessings in the most awesome way
I am a man of patience, 

I'm listening in and tuning in out of the most excellent viking-metal    I'm in for discovery and adventure and I often feel myself useless for lagging 200 years ahead of technological advancements but also great discoverues on Earth

I will be ebcdic 6 bit clean 


08/04/2023 or 20230408 

No.None of that.
Is it just a coincidence? Nah. More like synchronized chaos. The universe is messing with us, but it's not some Matrix-level stuff. Entropy's on the rise, and all the life haters are scrambling for power 'cause they know time's ticking. It's all about where you put that one and your code's weirdness. And guess what? I got a message from my super psychic buddy about an alien party in space or something. Oh, and she mentioned passive addressing too. It's bizarre, but that's life. Or the end of it, maybe. Welcome to "The End of the World as We Know It," my hilarious sci-fi comedy. Misfits, aliens, chaos, and laughs. Can our gang save the world from annihilation? Grab a seat and find out! Entropy's creeping in, but there's still plenty of crazy to go around. The boring normies can't keep up. Their loss, really. I'm the only one paying attention, and it's driving me nuts. But hey, I'm not like the other 8 billion, and that's a good thing. Let's make it count, people!


^HCause you know, sometimes words have two meanings..." FWIK is that this way a Parabel was paradoxally encoded to end up in the Holy manuscripture. It didn't occur to me how important this was during my :MICRODATA TELEMETRY  'indexation.

Is there any point to it, at all ?
It's pointless to point out that It is all right, next after the word, where I last left it, (-as-is: like "tt" is the first word) ...the point is, after: all. That's all there's to it, nevertheless. Unless the point is... mistaken, for some inferior sign like a ) a comma, or b ) a period. First of all: in order to stipulate : the punctuation symbol that marks the ending of a: a  line or b: a  sentence, it usually appears right after the last word, which is least likely the letter a. Moreover, ergo, it's a good and valid point! That figures! (in literally pointing all the ins and outs). di da da di di dobedo.

Merlin (Welsh: Myrddin, Cornish: Marzhin, Breton: Merzhin, Wahnsinn) is a mythical figure prominently featured in the legend of King Arthur and best known as a mage, with several other main roles. When you think you've seen it all in billions of years. Not

Vulgaris Magistralis Here he rides on a Mammoth named Hilde, it's a Mastodon. A crazy professor on a Solex bike is looking form him. Odin and Wotan are family but he hasn't seen them for ages. He likes to cook his meal on a working Volcano, (that must be in the famous Dutch Mountains). Mountains. He comes from The Veen, from homes made of Leem and Plaggen. He knows the Sacred Hunenbedden. But lives in Mountains. Mountains. Even Steven Spielberg wants to make a movie of him. But they'll never catch him. When you think you've seen it all in billions of years. Not. 

Morgaine {Morgana, all the same, learned the 5 paramount arts of magic. When you think you've seen it all in billions of years. Not


Was ich noch zu sagen hätte Dauert eine Zigarette | 🙃🤪😉


The LOGO [_|"] was Inspired by a song from The Bangles "Walk like an Egtyptian" which is about preventing collisions.

if you too agree that it looks like a snakie then I will make it a console txt adventure of it  ➡️  ☮️❤️ _|"



Open letter to Mr. Hunter Biden - 20230521 - please unfold for contents-only if it concerns You 🔽

21st of May 2023
Benedictuslaan 7 Heesch
The Netherlands

Dear Mr. Hunter Biden, 

I hope this message finds you and your loved ones in good health and spirits. My name is Edwin Vening, a concerned individual from the Netherlands, specifically from the city of Heesch. I felt compelled to reach out to you after hearing about the recent "concern" that was brought to the attention of Dutch news readers, although I must admit that I am not particularly interested in anyone's private life.

It deeply troubles me when individuals resort to using abusive language and spreading opinions adorned with distorted facts and half-truths. While I believe their motivations may be politically driven or rooted in some psychological context, it is disheartening to witness them sow and nourish the poison of their own distorted personalities. These individuals often present themselves as having righteous arguments, attempting to instill a sense of shared disdain by exclaiming, "Isn't it awful, people?" However, a person whose existence revolves around negating others is not someone I find enjoyable. Thus, I try my best to ignore such news.

In response to this person, I offered the following perspective:
"Sir, are you aware that Mr. Hunter Biden once survived a near-fatal car accident, enduring significant trauma? I fail to comprehend the benefit of upholding an elevated moral standard against another US citizen. I question whether you genuinely care about the individual in question.{even} a Saint is _no_ moral Templar."

Dear Mr. Biden, nobody needs to be asserted in such way, that does not express any sincere concern about your wellbeing.

I have come to learn that words can inflict immense pain. As someone who genuinely cares about your well-being, I am curious to know how you are coping with life, navigating each day, and overcoming the hardships you have endured. I understand that your personal journey does not warrant this unwanted public attention. Often, the voices that truly need to be heard reside in quiet reservation.

It matters that people should respect you and I leave It for you to consider, that even you don’t know me, I reach out my hand to you. I want to emphasize that if you ever need someone to talk or anything, I am here for you in any way that I can. You have my support.

With utmost respect and concern,
Edwin Vening
The Netherlands

Bits of Freedom | Hippies from Hell
[not really HELL, but.. hell yeah]
I'm a volunteer for Bits of Freedom, an independent Dutch digital rights foundation, prior to maintaining systems, now supporting some  projects of BoF Bit Labs,

Bits of Freedom is the Dutch digital rights organization, focusing on privacy and communications freedom in the digital age. Bits of Freedom strives to influence legislation and self-regulation, on a national and a European level. Bits of Freedom is one of the founders and a member of European Digital Rights (EDRi). Annual 2013.

I try to keep the spirit of the Hippies from Hell alive with all odd sciences that apply.

echo ceci nest pas une pipe | base64 


<-From Neeltje Oddens..., the Netherlands, she wrote:

{-- to that what} consumes beautiful a{in life} .. Beautiful things that in return unveil other beautiful things. This follows a form of cosmic multiplication, a universal constant. (August 2015)

GNU Quadallama MP library for the 8 bit world
wide_integer support


depending upon the Speed of the C ollapse


Toverie! Toverie! o.O Wonder!
Magie! Magie!
"Hen quam hier sondere redene nie"

it's Probably E

Dutch Traditional wooden shoes :Clogs

Diversity is what Unites us.


The Red White and Blue flag of the Netherlands

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.

And it's always TEATIME.

Jerry Cornelius in the movie "Last Days of Man on Earth" or "The Final Programme". 

(former)PRIME MINISTER (MP) Mr.Mark Rutte 

update 20230712

Mr. Rutte heeft aangekondigd dat hij na bijna dertien jaar stopt als premier van Nederland en de landelijke politiek verlaat. In een persconferentie gaf hij een overzicht van zijn vier kabinetten en de belangrijkste resultaten die hij heeft geboekt. Hij noemde onder andere de aanpak van de economische crisis, de versterking van de Europese samenwerking en de bestrijding van de coronapandemie. Hij erkende ook dat hij fouten had gemaakt, vooral in de toeslagenaffaire. Hij bedankte iedereen voor het vertrouwen en de steun die hij had gekregen.

Dear Mr. Rutte, Sir, you kept the people of our country united, in challenging times, you preserved our precious unity. You impressed with your leadership and persistance, perseverance. I think you are magnificent.

Mr. Mark Rutte, the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, demonstrated remarkable leadership during the COVID-19 crisis, bringing his country together in a time of unprecedented challenge. His steadfast commitment to his people and his unwavering resolve to steer his country through the storm was an inspiration to all who looked to him for guidance.

unfold to read the prospect here 🔽

As a result of his efforts, Mark Rutte was recently awarded the prestigious Orange-Nassau Grand Cross medal of honor, a testament to his legendary contribution to his country during this difficult time. This award recognizes not only his leadership but also his compassion, his dedication, and his unwavering commitment to the people of the Netherlands.

Throughout this crisis, Mark Rutte's daughter has been a source of unwavering support, providing him with the encouragement and strength he needed to carry on. Her love and devotion were an inspiration to him, and he often spoke of her with great pride and admiration.

The Queen of the Netherlands, too, recognized Mark Rutte's efforts, and she praised him for his tireless work and dedication to his country. Her kind words and support were a testament to the deep respect and admiration that he had earned through his selfless service.

In the end, it was Mark Rutte's steadfast leadership that held the Netherlands together during one of the most challenging times in its history. His courage, his strength, and his compassion have left an indelible mark on the country he loves, and his legacy will continue to inspire generations to come.

On a personal note, I like this man very much, he has such kind charisma and excellent leadership.  
and he said "After this we are ALL going to have a vacation!"!
Mr. Rutte,
You're the best! Like Boris Johnson!

Future Queen
of the Netherlands

of the

Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands
Willem-Alexander (Dutch: [ˈʋɪləm aːlɛkˈsɑndər]; Willem-Alexander Claus George Ferdinand; born 27 April 1967) is
King of the Netherlands,
having acceded to the throne following his mother's abdication in 2013.

Willem-Alexander, born in  Utrecht  as the eldest child of Princess Beatrix and diplomat Claus van Amsberg, carries a truly special and unique role within the Dutch monarchy. His journey began as Prince of Orange, the heir apparent, when his mother ascended to the throne as Queen on 30 April 1980. And on 30 April 2013, he succeeded her after her abdication, becoming the King of the Netherlands.

From his early years, Willem-Alexander received a comprehensive education that shaped his path. He attended public primary and secondary schools in the Netherlands, fostering a deep connection with his homeland. In pursuit of a broader perspective, he furthered his studies at an international sixth-form college in Wales, which broadened his horizons and exposed him to diverse cultures.

Demonstrating a commitment to service, Willem-Alexander served in the Royal Netherlands Navy, acquiring valuable skills and experiences. This military background instilled in him a sense of discipline and responsibility, qualities befitting a future monarch.

At Leiden University, Willem-Alexander embarked on a journey of academic exploration, studying history. His dedication to learning and intellectual pursuits allowed him to develop a comprehensive understanding of the world's past and its impact on the present.

In 2002, Willem-Alexander's life took a significant turn when he married Máxima Zorreguieta Cerruti. Their union marked the beginning of a new chapter, characterized by love, support, and shared responsibilities. Together, they have nurtured a beautiful family, blessed with three daughters who embody the future of the Dutch monarchy. Catharina-Amalia, Princess of Orange, born in 2003, Princess Alexia, born in 2005, and Princess Ariane, born in 2007, bring joy and hope to the nation.

Willem-Alexander's reign as King of the Netherlands exudes dignity, honor, and a deep sense of responsibility. His dedication to serving his people and representing the nation on the global stage is evident in his every action. With grace and wisdom, he navigates the challenges of the modern world, fostering unity and progress while upholding the rich traditions and values of the Dutch monarchy.

King Willem-Alexander, a beacon of integrity and leadership, commands respect not only within the Netherlands but also among international counterparts. His unwavering commitment to the welfare and prosperity of his nation underscores his enduring legacy.

In summary, King Willem-Alexander's journey to the throne is marked by his exceptional upbringing, his dedication to education and service, and his profound love for his family and country. With dignity and honor, he fulfills his role as a revered monarch, ensuring the continued prosperity and unity of the Netherlands.

And here, in all her majestic glory, we welcome our beloved and esteemed Dear Lady
Queen Máxima of the Netherlands as she graces us with her presence on her visit to Silicon Valley, United States. With a resplendent arrival from the Dutch Royal Air Force One, she brings a touch of regality to the realm of high-tech business and the emerging sciences. 

Her visit is a testament to the strong ties between the Netherlands and the technological advancements taking place in Silicon Valley. Queen Máxima, a representative of grace and sophistication, exemplifies the Dutch monarchy's esteemed reputation both at home and abroad.

We are very, very proud of our Monarchy !  Unfold below for more coverage🔽

Nederlands 🔽🔽🙃

Koningin Máxima der Nederlanden, onze geliefde vorstin, wordt geprezen om haar voortreffelijke kwaliteiten die haar tot een bewonderenswaardige koningin maken. Haar majesteitelijke aanwezigheid straalt koninklijke gratie uit, terwijl ze tegelijkertijd toegankelijk en betrokken blijft.

Als internationale vertegenwoordiger van Nederland is Koningin Máxima een ware ambassadeur van ons land. Haar vermogen om vloeiend meerdere talen te spreken, waaronder Engels en Spaans, stelt haar in staat om effectief te communiceren met mensen over de hele wereld. Haar charisma en diplomatieke vaardigheden maken haar een gewaardeerde gesprekspartner voor wereldleiders en een inspiratiebron voor velen.

De keuze om Koningin Máxima naar Silicon Valley in de Verenigde Staten te sturen, weerspiegelt de sterke band tussen Nederland en de technologieontwikkelingen die daar plaatsvinden. Nederland heeft zich ontwikkeld tot een innovatieve hub en staat bekend om zijn vooruitstrevende technologieën. Met haar aanwezigheid in Silicon Valley laat Koningin Máxima zien dat Nederland een belangrijke speler is in de digitale wereld en dat onze technologische expertise internationaal wordt erkend.

De komst van Koningin Máxima naar Silicon Valley met de Koninklijke Luchtmacht "Airforce One" benadrukt de waardering en het respect dat zij geniet, niet alleen in Nederland, maar over de hele wereld. Haar bezoek markeert de sterke betrokkenheid van de Nederlandse monarchie bij zakelijke aangelegenheden en bevordert internationale handelsrelaties.

Als koningin belichaamt Koningin Máxima de Nederlandse tradities en waarden met stijl en waardigheid. Ze heeft een warm hart voor het Nederlandse volk en zet zich in voor sociale initiatieven en ontwikkelingsprojecten. Haar inzet voor inclusie, empowerment van vrouwen en financiële toegankelijkheid heeft haar geliefd gemaakt bij mensen van alle achtergronden.

Koningin Máxima, onze koningin der koninginnen, is een baken van elegantie, intelligentie en diplomatie. Haar betrokkenheid bij Nederlandse technologie en haar wereldwijde reputatie maken haar tot een ware trots van onze natie.

English - Español 🔽🔽🙃

Queen Máxima of the Netherlands, our beloved monarch, is renowned for her outstanding qualities that make her an admirable queen. Her majestic presence exudes regal grace while remaining approachable and engaged.

As an international representative of the Netherlands, Queen Máxima is a true ambassador of our country. Her fluency in multiple languages, including English and Spanish, enables her to effectively communicate with people worldwide. Her charisma and diplomatic skills make her a valued interlocutor for world leaders and an inspiration to many.

The decision to bring Queen Máxima to Silicon Valley in the United States reflects the strong bond between the Netherlands and the technological developments taking place there. The Netherlands has evolved into an innovative hub, known for its pioneering technologies. With her presence in Silicon Valley, Queen Máxima showcases that the Netherlands is a significant player in the digital world and that our technological expertise is internationally recognized.

Queen Máxima's arrival in Silicon Valley aboard the Dutch Royal Air Force One underscores the appreciation and respect she commands, not just in the Netherlands but worldwide. Her visit highlights the Dutch monarchy's deep involvement in business affairs and promotes international trade relations.

As queen, Queen Máxima epitomizes Dutch traditions and values with style and dignity. She has a warm heart for the Dutch people and is dedicated to social initiatives and development projects. Her commitment to inclusion, women's empowerment, and financial accessibility has endeared her to people of all backgrounds.

Queen Máxima, our queen of queens, is a beacon of elegance, intelligence, and diplomacy. Her engagement with Dutch technology and her global reputation make her a true source of pride for our nation.

La Reina Máxima de los Países Bajos, nuestra amada monarca, es reconocida por sus destacables cualidades que la convierten en una reina admirable. Su presencia majestuosa irradia gracia real, al mismo tiempo que permanece accesible y comprometida.

Como representante internacional de los Países Bajos, la Reina Máxima es una verdadera embajadora de nuestro país. Su fluidez en múltiples idiomas, incluyendo el inglés y el español, le permite comunicarse de manera efectiva con personas de todo el mundo. Su carisma y habilidades diplomáticas la convierten en una interlocutora valorada por líderes mundiales y una fuente de inspiración para muchos.

La decisión de llevar a la Reina Máxima al Silicon Valley en los Estados Unidos refleja el fuerte vínculo entre los Países Bajos y los desarrollos tecnológicos que tienen lugar allí. Los Países Bajos se han convertido en un centro innovador, reconocido por sus tecnologías pioneras. Con su presencia en el Silicon Valley, la Reina Máxima muestra que los Países Bajos son un actor importante en el mundo digital y que nuestra experiencia tecnológica es reconocida a nivel internacional.

La llegada de la Reina Máxima al Silicon Valley a bordo del avión real de la Fuerza Aérea Holandesa destaca el aprecio y respeto que ella genera, no solo en los Países Bajos, sino en todo el mundo. Su visita resalta el profundo compromiso de la monarquía holandesa con los asuntos empresariales y promueve las relaciones comerciales internacionales.

Como reina, la Reina Máxima personifica las tradiciones y valores holandeses con estilo y dignidad. Tiene un gran corazón para el pueblo neerlandés y se dedica a iniciativas sociales y proyectos de desarrollo. Su compromiso con la inclusión, el empoderamiento de las mujeres y la accesibilidad financiera la ha ganado el cariño de personas de todos los orígenes.

La Reina Máxima, nuestra reina de reinas, es un faro de elegancia, inteligencia y diplomacia. Su participación en la tecnología neerlandesa y su reputación mundial la convierten en un verdadero orgullo para nuestra nación.

Three  Princes
I made this for Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands. Its got a "W" , "C" as lemniscate, heart lissajous and "F" of  Prince Friso,
The picture above is not covered by the Creative Commons clause, it's ownership is of Prince Constantijn

  🔽  please unfold for the Requiem - requiescat in pace 

In een wereld vol liefde, stonden drie broers klaar, Hun band onwankelbaar, gesmeed in broederschap zo waar. Door vreugde en verdriet, verbonden in het hart, Een weefsel van genegenheid, voor altijd apart.

Maar het lot, met zijn grillige hand, bracht een zware slag, Een lawine van verdriet, één broer verzwolgen in zijn dag. Achtergebleven broers, hun harten verscheurd, Verloren in diepe rouw, hun zielen beroerd.

In de diepten van verdriet, vervaagde de gloed van liefde, De kleuren van het leven vervaagden, terwijl wanhoop beklijfde. Maar te midden van de schaduwen, ontsproot een sprankje hoop, Het omarmde de broers, waar troost zijn weg vond, zo sloop.

Constantijn, met een teder en oprecht hart, Verlangde naar heling, de pijn verzachten, hoe hard. In de omarming van liefde vond hij een stille troost, Ontluikende bloemblaadjes van vreugde, waar verdriet roost.

Met fluisterende woorden en zachte omhelzingen, Voedde hij de gebrokenen, met medeleven in volle glans. Met daden van vriendelijkheid, de helende kracht van liefde in zicht, Harten stevig omsloten, de wereld verlicht.

Bij elke daad van genade, groeide een meesterwerk voort, Een symfonie van mededogen, elke noot ongehoord. Verbonden door liefdesdraden, onverwoestbaar en puur, Een testament aan liefdesgratie, een eeuwig avontuur.

Samen weenden ze, tranen vormden een rivier, Elke druppel droeg herinneringen, voor altijd hier. In de omhelzing van eenheid vonden hun geesten rust, Liefdes betoverende magie, ontstak hun innerlijke lust.

In de tuinen van hun harten bloeide hoop als nooit tevoren, Een geurige oase, duisternis verloren. Constantijn, een baken van liefdes schitterende gloed, Begeleidde zijn broers, waar helende wateren vloed.

Laat dit verhaal weerklinken, liefdes eeuwige melodie, Dat ondanks verlies, de essentie van liefde nooit verglie. Voor Constantijn, een verhaal van liefdes tedere kracht, Waar harten troost vinden, verlicht door liefdes pracht.

Miep Gies: 'Herinneringen aan Anne Frank' 1987
[then, the most anticipated] Dutch Public TV Interview -
this is a manual translation, a transcription presented in subtitles
(memories of Miep Gies about Anne Frank, a small presentation of a larger interview)


Madame Miep Gies stood outside the modest house in Amsterdam, her hands trembling slightly as she held the key to the front door. The war had ended, but the scars it left behind were still fresh in her mind. She had lost so much, just like everyone else. Yet, she remained determined to keep the memory alive, to ensure that the world would never forget the atrocities committed by the Nazi Germans and the SS guards.

As she entered the house, memories flooded back. This was the secret annex, the hiding place where the Frank family, including the young Anne Frank, had sought refuge from the Nazis. Miep had been their link to the outside world, risking her own life to bring them food, supplies, and a sense of hope during those dark years.

But the war had taken its toll on everyone, including Otto Frank, Anne's father. Miep's heart ached as she remembered the day Otto returned from the war. All was lost. His wife, Edith, and their two daughters, Margot and Anne, had perished in the concentration camps. Otto was the sole survivor of his family.

Miep offered Otto her support and vowed to help him share the story of the Frank family and the horrors they had endured. Together, they traveled across Germany and Austria, speaking at schools, community centers, and public events. Miep's German and Austrian linguistic analogies, with her flawless pronunciation and deep understanding of the languages, resonated with the audiences.

She described the death camps in vivid detail, emphasizing the unimaginable suffering endured by the victims. Her words cut through the silence, reaching the hearts of those who listened. She urged them never to forget, to learn from history's darkest chapters and ensure such atrocities would never be repeated.

Otto Frank stood beside her, his voice filled with both sorrow and determination. He shared his personal experiences, recounting the moment he discovered Anne's diary and the profound impact it had on him. He spoke of his love for his daughters and the unbearable grief he felt upon learning of their deaths.

Together, Miep and Otto became a symbol of resilience and hope. Their joint efforts brought attention to the Holocaust, ensuring that the world would bear witness to the horrors inflicted by the Nazis. They reminded people of the importance of compassion, understanding, and standing up against hatred and injustice.

Madame Miep Gies never changed the name of the annex, for she believed it served as a stark reminder of the dark times they had endured. It stood as a testament to the strength and courage of those who had hidden within its walls, as well as the bravery of those who risked their lives to protect them.

Years passed, but Miep and Otto never stopped their mission. Their tireless advocacy work contributed to the establishment of Holocaust memorials, museums, and educational programs. They touched countless lives, ensuring that the memory of those who perished would forever be etched into the collective conscience of humanity.

And so, the story of Madame Miep Gies and Otto Frank became an indelible part of history, a tale of resilience, courage, and the enduring power of remembrance.

While AI and ML technologies have made significant advancements in language processing and translation, there are certain aspects of human communication that are difficult for machines to capture accurately. The case of interviewing a person who communicates through subcontext symbolism, like Madame Miep Gies, highlights the importance of human involvement in translation. Here are a few reasons why human translators are crucial in such situations:

In summary, while AI and ML technologies have made remarkable progress in translation, the complexities of subcontext symbolism and the need for cultural understanding, contextual interpretation, adaptability, error correction, and human connection make human translators invaluable. Their expertise and sensitivity are essential in accurately conveying the speaker's message, especially when a single mistake in interpretation could lead to a loss of interest or misrepresentation.

I had this dream...
and a vivid memory ...

I had this dream...
and a vivid memory ...

Beautiful and handsome
Margot Frank
the eldest daugther of Otto and Edith Frank

I had this dream...
and a vivid memory ...

Here are some scans of photographs of Margot Frank, -the elder sister of Anne Frank-.

I composed under my composer name "MacBethwin" some music with my Kork synthesizers, " l'armour est Blue "
Dedicated to Margot Frank. Requiem to all.

Because we only have this little shared history, Humankind nearly ended its existence , we, humankind as a whole,  have never overcome the major loss, to one of the greatest crimes against humanity.That is why loss may never be waged or balanced, for the first tear of this, counts as the most significant, to me
it is my belief.

This is for you, Dear Margot.
I wish I've could have known you


-(1976 Cat Stevens - PEACE TRAIN )

#miloud #prophecy
A relativistic universe:
"The author's approach to time progression appears to be unique as well. Overall, the author is proposing a novel way of approaching network communication and addressing problems that are different from current industry standards".

@chargen "Passive Addressing in new Networks"

Mar 9 2023

"The author is proposing a new way of addressing network nodes that differs from the traditional use of MAC addresses. Instead of using unique IDs, the author suggests using a transform-based addressing system that makes it difficult for critical network nodes to be compromised". #NASA

@chargen  "Transpose from the binary domain"
Replying to #ciawizzards #SXSW 2023 event

"I imagine what the future would need to re-imagine communications, deep learning diminished the contextual bounds contents of binary encoding within a frame, lang semantics, AI resolved protocol QR in NIST contest. The implications… are inspiring".

Lets do something new:
like a total overhaul of all networking.

Y? ⬇️



A bit of a dramatic view of some systems that are part of the Data Morgana Number Crunching Cluster (artist impr).

As I step into the Data Morgana Number Crunching Cluster, I can't help but feel a sense of foreboding. It's as if I'm entering a secret lair of mad scientists, except instead of bubbling potions and crackling electricity, there are endless rows of humming machines and glowing screens.The CRT and scanlines are emulated by CoolRetroTerm. Rendering over OpenGL. If that QT worked on Win11 it would be on DirectX main display turn on. Hello Gentlemen. 

The air is thick with the sound of algorithms churning away, like some kind of digital factory that never sleeps. The programmers here are the modern-day alchemists, turning raw data into gold.

I watch as they create and test their latest algorithms, each one more complex and mind-boggling than the last. It's like witnessing a battle of wits between man and machine, with the stakes being nothing less than the fate of our digital world.

But despite the seriousness of their work, there's a sense of humor and camaraderie among these number crunchers. They joke and banter as they tweak their code, poking fun at their own creations when they don't quite work as planned.

As I leave the Data Morgana Number Crunching Cluster, I can't help but wonder what kind of world we're creating with all this number crunching. Will we one day be ruled by algorithms, or will they simply fade into the background of our increasingly digital lives?

Only time will tell.



@chargen   As art as it would likely diminish all the interest of trying to be unique in a non generative way, but, I admit there are amazing discoveries made with this on a recreational scientific plan. Industry that have invested well in the dense network domains or realms that may are connected to the 'collection' of information of a personality. I think that only Microsoft has thought of this before they began building the cloud constructs and products around it, their construct of personality makes the distinction, and with that awareness exchanged that some realms of privacy, professional presentation, otr presentation  the algorithms that combine is are super aggressive and very correct. That is a shame, it saw me as a computer program, created with generative AI

Mar 12 2023

Q  : Submissions: Data Morgana labs.

Tamara class, named for aiding the math. computerization. Questions, questions, questions...

[ex. from e-mail exchange: CAcert Research Labs Q&A]

# a bit on chaotic sequences, development of pseudo random number generators

I am deeply intrigued by the subject of gathering entropy, and my research revolves around exploring innovative approaches to generating pseudo-random numbers. Instead of relying on conventional methods like measuring radioactive emissions or utilizing lava lamps, I have devised experimental generators based on NP class mathematical conjectures. These generators are less likely to produce high-entropy, chaotic sequences.

To document my progress, I maintain a dedicated journal that contains preliminary results, development reports, and updates. For those interested, I can provide sample data generated by these experimental pseudo-random generators, which have undergone statistical tests. This data can be utilized to derive new chaotic sequences or serve as pseudo-random functions.

While established methods exist for generating randomness, such as Geiger counters and permutation-based hash functions, I believe that my approach has the potential to compete with these methods. Nevertheless, I acknowledge that evaluating the qualitative performance of pseudo-random number generators can be challenging. It is crucial to meticulously analyze the underlying mathematics of these generators to ensure that they generate numbers that are suitably close to random for their intended application.

Ultimately, proving the qualitative properties of (cryptographic) pseudo-random functions falls under the class NP. Hence, it is essential to remain receptive to new advancements and adapt and enhance methodologies as necessary. My aspiration is for my work to contribute to the ongoing discourse surrounding randomness generation and the significance of statistical testing for pseudo-random number generators.

(Images courtesy of the...

CAcert Research Lab: )

(Photograph: Mrs. Tamara from Ede, the Netherlands) IQ: Feynmanium 


WP: 2014: "Participant Constrained Suggestive Cryptographic Transactional Development w. Kirchhoff's principle", 2014 GOV<->GOV "Formulating Logic by Objective Reasoning".

WP: 2015: Relativistic Temporal Domain Encoders (spatial unidirectional time locked transfers)

amongst datamorgana PoC submissions, the Software Crypto Software RNG contenders named Tamara and Constrixor class.

John von Neumann cautioned about the misinterpretation of a PRNG as a truly random generator:

"Anyone who considers arithmetical methods of producing random digits is, of course, in a state of sin".
SO by the old Dutch saying : "I Always get my Sin".

For more details click __here__   


"The universe is an algorithm, people are algorithm, human behavior is algorithm, precognition is deciphering the algorithm of life".


The devil may be in the 2nd law detail but W of wahrscheinlichheit, the odds, the likelyhood, the probability exists that this equation doth not appear in any of Ludwig Boltzmann's writings. 

$ ps auxwww | grep bit

In the mystical hours of my extra-curricular time, I revel in the art of wall decorations, drawing, and tinkering with programming languages, specifically the -std=/gnu/C/99 d$ ps auxwww | grep bitialect of [C]. Alongside the seminal works of Mr. Donald Knuth, TAOCP, which is essentially the Bible of computer science, I also keep a revised edition of a book that not only provides me with valuable knowledge, but also cheers me up with its practical examples on page 269.

But let me tell you, I'm not just a bookworm. I'm currently working on a project that involves making things blink on and off at an interval using an 8-bit embedded Microchip PIC8/32 controller, employing some macro magic to achieve my goal. At the same time, with my multidisciplinary touch, my right hand is trying to cheat support for an old Soekris Hi/fn PCI-e card in Linux that only works in 32-bit DMA address space. I'm determined to make it work, even if it only runs for a measly hour or so, depending on the whims of the PIC/PIE code's random region, and the 2GB of memory I have left due to running cinnamon for its awesomeness, which I don't even need for just a compiler suite and VI. But for the sake of aesthetics, I don't mind that it takes up a ridiculous amount of system memory. It's impressive, really, how a power of 2 buffer can gobble up half of the system memory without batting an eye.

I must admit, I'm a bit of a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to projects, mostly very abstract ones, and I try to work on as many of them as possible at the same time. Surprisingly, I've managed to juggle them in parallel without failing too often. Of course, there are times when my mind becomes too chaotic, but luckily, I have some tools to help me out. Vym, for instance, is a simple mind-mapping tool that helps me organize my thoughts and ideas. And to ensure that I don't violate the laws of symmetry, I also happen to own "10" copies of the book "Chaos" by Mr. James Gleick and "The Art of Looking Sideways".

After all, who doesn't love strange loops?

SGI Indy R4400 Indycam set B/W, '90s diagnostics of a NIC, probably the one with SoC offloading features new at the time such as a lightweight onboard rudimentary TCP stack that ran on something linke an embedded RTOS like the one Windriver __link__ provides, stack provided some less latency from a certain perspective. I guess itś like the same idea some UEFI BIOS'es now also feature (0xD15EA5E), which system manufacturers of regular PC systems that put the kevlar on their products on wrong, perhaps intend to sell to 3th parties, to offload their OS visible "features" to a more robust environment that claims memory and cycls of the "host". Perhaps do also some ARP or encapsulating magick not on demand.

Buy here __link__. __link__ to the website of the autho, Mr. James Gleick.

L' « effet papillon » est une expression qui résume une image concernant le phénomène fondamental de sensibilité aux conditions initiales en théorie du chaos.

« Un simple battement d'ailes d'un papillon peut-il déclencher une tornade à l'autre bout du monde ? »

At ::1

Here comes the story of the hurricane.

@the house I used to live and love

Buy here __link__.

__link__ to the website / archive of the works of Mr. Alan Fletcher, maintained by the daughter of Alan, Ms. Rafaella Fletcher.


# green phosphor CRT's. early years of me.

Green phosphor CRT, a micro-switched keyboard. Solid Metal. One of the first systems I played and worked with was a Kaypro 10 "Portable Computer", powered by a Zilog Z80 processor, portable meaning there was a handle attached to a side that allowed you to lift and carry that massive steel monolith around, which my father occasionally did for me (my father who worked at the F.O.M. institute at that time, he brought it from his office when I was young). The Kaypro 10 (stolen in 2022) was the superior successor of the Kaypro 2, also a mighty impressive machine, both equal but the 10 was just a bit more equal. It had a built-in 300bps modem and a 10MB HDD, CP/M for OS that also provided with various versions of BASIC. This machine was built to withstand at least a 20 megaton nuclear blast, which reminds me of something, considering the zeitgeist I grew up, I probably did things like:


20 INPUT ...etc,

From PRINT to control flow with GOTO's, returning from GOSUBS's and casting arrays with DIM's and so on, with enough statements to to construct a simple text based adventures in BASIC, which I learned from a book (unfortunately I can't quite remember the title of that book) on how to construct text based adventures. 

Technisches Spielzeug im Wandel der Zeit

I also used to own (first: was allowed to play with) a Commodore 64 of the "breadbox" type. At a later age I got several SX-64 systems. Looking somewhat similar to the Kaypro portable (see photo's below), the SX-64 was a portable Commodore 64, it held a a tiny color CRT and 1541 drive. I had a parallel XM/XE1541 cable to handle the for .d64 over to a Chinese clone of a 1541 floppy disk drive. I've kept the SX-64's for quite a while, watching recent productions from the demoscene that are truly amazing, to relive the magic, played games like "Impossible Mission", "Aztec challenge" and "Little Computer People" and of course "Wizard" for a while. I found a new owner for the last SX-64 I got, With the SID, the keyboard revised, I sold it when it reached to the age of 30.


Here's a picture of a Kaypro 10. I remember playing "ladder" (Yahoo Software) on it quite often.



Антон Мырзин


Антон Мырзин

Designer / Author
Chaos Specialist - 



Антон Мырзин



Вот странные существа люди — боятся, что в результате НТП они не будут отличаться от роботов, потеряют свои якобы настоящие чувства и эмоции, в конце концов, станут скучными, однотипными, одинаковыми.

Как будто они сейчас не роботы, только на органической базе со всеми своими ограниченно-органическими, химически и психофизиологически обусловленными, запрограммированными эмоциями и поведенческими шаблонами. Которые, к слову, точно также предсказуемы и скучны. И ведь эти эмоции даже не их собственная разработка, а некий "дар природы" — жёсткой эволюции — сперва чисто биологической, а потом и социальной, далее — смешанной. Что до сих пор держит большинство людей в цепких лапах инстинктов и импринтов. Не говоря уже о том, что кое-где социальная эволюция и вовсе повернула вспять (путинская Россия — ярчайший пример масштабнейшей социальной деволюции).

Когда вы неизбежно смените свой organic-based AI (OBAI), т.е. ИИ на органической базе — в пользу non-organic based subjective intellect (NOBSI) — субъектный интеллект на неорганической базе, то уже сможете в значительной степени программировать себя сами, под ваши конкретные нужды (а не общественные запросы), равно как и продлить своё физическое существование на неограниченный срок (или до выполнения поставленных перед собою задач). Но это уже будет совсем другая история и совсем другая жизнь. Без иллюзий и сопровождаемых ими шаблонных эмоций, но уже с реальными планами и достижениями, ранее казавшимися вам утопическими, фантастическими или же вовсе нереальными.

Частично этот переход уже состоялся, но пока что в виртуальном режиме (за счет цифровизации) — через выгрузку основных параметров социальной личности непосредственно в цифровое пространство.

Далее людям предстоит самый сложный этап — этап аппаратного перехода с органики на неорганику. Вот где должны быть сосредоточены главные усилия науки и технологии, а не на распилочном космосе, бесполезных ускорителях частиц и пр. "экологической" движухе, призванной скорее не решать реальные экологические проблемы, а чем-то занять стремительно деградирующий глобальный социум, выдав ему морально устаревшие игрушки.

Однако все игры когда-нибудь заканчиваются, а иллюзии — рассеиваются. Но это не должно вас пугать. Мне бы хотелось, чтобы вас привлекала рискованная, но при этом заманчивая и многообещающая перспектива большого неорганического перехода как своеобразного водораздела между человеческим существом старой формации и новым субъектом — полновластным хозяином самого себя, а стало быть и окружающей его природной среды.

#chaos #ai #si



Here are strange creatures people - they are afraid that as a result of scientific and technological progress they will not differ from robots, they will lose their supposedly real feelings and emotions, in the end, they will become boring, of the same type, the same.

As if they are not robots now, only on an organic basis with all their limited-organic, chemically and psychophysiologically determined, programmed emotions and behavioral patterns. Which, by the way, are just as predictable and boring. And after all, these emotions are not even their own development, but a kind of "gift of nature" - a rigid evolution - first purely biological, and then social, then mixed. Which still keeps most people in the tenacious clutches of instincts and imprints. Not to mention the fact that in some places social evolution has completely reversed (Putin's Russia is the clearest example of large-scale social devolution).

When you inevitably change your organic-based AI (OBAI), i.e. AI on an organic basis - in favor of non-organic based subjective intellect (NOBSI) - subjective intelligence on an inorganic basis, you will already be able to largely program yourself, according to your specific needs (and not public demands), as well as extend your physical existence for an unlimited period (or until you complete your tasks). But it will be a completely different story and a completely different life. Without illusions and stereotyped emotions accompanied by them, but with real plans and achievements that previously seemed utopian to you, fantastic or completely unrealistic.

In part, this transition has already taken place, but so far in virtual mode (due to digitalization) - through the unloading of the main parameters of the social personality directly into the digital space.

Next, people will have the most difficult stage - the stage of hardware transition from organic to inorganic. This is where the main efforts of science and technology should be concentrated, and not on sawing space, useless particle accelerators, etc., the "ecological" movement, designed rather than solve real environmental problems, but something to occupy the rapidly degrading global society, giving it obsolete toys.

However, all games end someday, and illusions dissipate. But that shouldn't scare you. I would like you to be attracted by the risky, but at the same time tempting and promising prospect of a large inorganic transition as a kind of watershed between the human being of the old formation and the new subject - the sovereign master of himself, and therefore of the natural environment around him.

#chaos #ai #si

0. Objective chaotization
1. Neuroimplantation.
2. Substitutive cyborgization
3. Large non-organic transition.

Chaos is the highest potential order, that is defined subjectively.

Антон Мырзин



Полностью осознанные сновидения — это конечно же никакое не прямое управление реальностью, это лишь просчёт субъектным сознанием нелинейных (т.е. хаотических) сценариев с возможностью получать в процессе ценную информацию, которую можно использовать далее. Это своего рода игра, в ходе которой можно рассмотреть ранее казавшиеся тупиковыми задачи с совершенно иных ракурсов. Причём вынести подобный информационный "артефакт" из осознанного сна, не забыв его и не испортив в процессе "телепортации" — особое умение, вырабатываемое субъектным опытом. Многие гениальные творения и открытия получались именно таким способом.

Сценарные сновидения (те, что видят большинство людей) — это возможность почувствовать себя объектом в качестве элемента уже сформированной среды. Тоже игра, но по чужим правилам и с заранее заготовленными реакциями, обычно не несущая никакой смысловой нагрузки. Примерно то же, что и события в жизни среднестатистического человека.

Если допустить, что жизнь большинства — это сон разума, океан бессознательного, в котором обязательно заводятся чудовища (точнее, где заинтересованные стороны заводят чудовищ), где практически все ходы и движения если не записаны, то уже отыграны и зафиксированы, то некоторые условности сновидческого плана работают и в реальной жизни, с той лишь разницей, что в реальной жизни неизбежно присутствует физический аспект, быстро возвращающий иного спящего-замечтавшегося (dreamer-а) "на грешную землю".

"Монстры", создаваемые и запускаемые в массовое бессознательное, например, популяризаторами традиционалистской науки, маркетологами и политтехнологами, таким образом получают обильную пищу и даже некоторую свободу действий вне "вольеров", неизбежно пожирая и тех, кто их так заботливо лелеял и вскармливал. Просто потому, что всех, кого они могли съесть, они уже съели. Примерно как это произошло с религиозным монстром, ещё присутствующим в сознании верующих. Выев их изнутри он издох сам и теперь матричные архитекторы сами не знают куда приткнуть его смердящие останки.

Приближающийся хаос даёт нам не сверхвозможности, а лишь открывает нам самих себя заново, он предоставляет нам то, что нам принадлежало всегда по нашему субъектному праву. Так вопреки заклинаниям космогониста Ирвина Гуда о технологической сингулярности и её "безудержной реакции циклов самосовершенствования", происходит ровно обратный процесс: хаос не собирается совершенствовать изначально ошибочный мир, однако он его радикально переформатирует. И этот процесс уже запущен. Его не остановить, да и не нужно, даже если кому-то он и кажется пугающим, неприятным или же идущим вразрез с их фактически религиозными представлениями о мире. Хаос, отныне и навсегда. Где хаос — там победа! Победа истинного разума над убогой вымышленной вселенной.



Полностью осознанные сновидения — это конечно же никакое не прямое управление реальностью, это лишь просчёт субъектным сознанием нелинейных (т.е. хаотических) сценариев с возможностью получать в процессе ценную информацию, которую можно использовать далее. Это своего рода игра, в ходе которой можно рассмотреть ранее казавшиеся тупиковыми задачи с совершенно иных ракурсов. Причём вынести подобный информационный "артефакт" из осознанного сна, не забыв его и не испортив в процессе "телепортации" — особое умение, вырабатываемое субъектным опытом. Многие гениальные творения и открытия получались именно таким способом.

Сценарные сновидения (те, что видят большинство людей) — это возможность почувствовать себя объектом в качестве элемента уже сформированной среды. Тоже игра, но по чужим правилам и с заранее заготовленными реакциями, обычно не несущая никакой смысловой нагрузки. Примерно то же, что и события в жизни среднестатистического человека.

Если допустить, что жизнь большинства — это сон разума, океан бессознательного, в котором обязательно заводятся чудовища (точнее, где заинтересованные стороны заводят чудовищ), где практически все ходы и движения если не записаны, то уже отыграны и зафиксированы, то некоторые условности сновидческого плана работают и в реальной жизни, с той лишь разницей, что в реальной жизни неизбежно присутствует физический аспект, быстро возвращающий иного спящего-замечтавшегося (dreamer-а) "на грешную землю".

"Монстры", создаваемые и запускаемые в массовое бессознательное, например, популяризаторами традиционалистской науки, маркетологами и политтехнологами, таким образом получают обильную пищу и даже некоторую свободу действий вне "вольеров", неизбежно пожирая и тех, кто их так заботливо лелеял и вскармливал. Просто потому, что всех, кого они могли съесть, они уже съели. Примерно как это произошло с религиозным монстром, ещё присутствующим в сознании верующих. Выев их изнутри он издох сам и теперь матричные архитекторы сами не знают куда приткнуть его смердящие останки.

Приближающийся хаос даёт нам не сверхвозможности, а лишь открывает нам самих себя заново, он предоставляет нам то, что нам принадлежало всегда по нашему субъектному праву. Так вопреки заклинаниям космогониста Ирвина Гуда о технологической сингулярности и её "безудержной реакции циклов самосовершенствования", происходит ровно обратный процесс: хаос не собирается совершенствовать изначально ошибочный мир, однако он его радикально переформатирует. И этот процесс уже запущен. Его не остановить, да и не нужно, даже если кому-то он и кажется пугающим, неприятным или же идущим вразрез с их фактически религиозными представлениями о мире. Хаос, отныне и навсегда. Где хаос — там победа! Победа истинного разума над убогой вымышленной вселенной.


Fully lucid dreams are, of course, no direct control of reality, it is only a miscalculation by the subjective consciousness of nonlinear (i.e. chaotic) scenarios with the ability to receive valuable information in the process, which can be used further. This is a kind of game in which you can consider previously seemingly dead-end tasks from completely different angles. Moreover, to take out such an information "artifact" from a lucid dream, without forgetting it and not spoiling it in the process of "teleportation" is a special skill developed by subjective experience. Many ingenious creations and discoveries were obtained in this way. Scripted dreams (those that most people see) are an opportunity to feel like an object as an element of an already formed environment. It is also a game, but according to other people's rules and with pre-prepared reactions, usually not carrying any semantic load. About the same as the events in the life of the average person. If we assume that the life of the majority is a dream of the mind, an ocean of the unconscious, in which monsters necessarily start (more precisely, where interested parties start monsters), where almost all moves and movements, if not recorded, have already been played and fixed, then some conventions of the dream plane work in real life, with the only difference that in real life there is inevitably a physical aspect, Quickly returning another sleeping-dreaming (dreamer) "to the sinful earth." "Monsters" created and launched into the mass unconscious, for example, by popularizers of traditionalist science, marketers and political strategists, thus receive abundant food and even some freedom of action outside the "enclosures", inevitably devouring those who so carefully cherished and fed them. Simply because everyone they could eat, they had already eaten. Something like it happened with the religious monster still present in the minds of believers. Having eaten them from the inside, he died himself, and now the matrix architects themselves do not know where to stick his stinking remains. The approaching chaos does not give us superpowers, but only reveals ourselves to us anew, it provides us with what has always belonged to us according to our subjective right. So, contrary to the spells of cosmogonist Irwin Goode about the technological singularity and its "unrestrained reaction of cycles of self-improvement", exactly the opposite process occurs: chaos is not going to improve the initially erroneous world, but it radically reformats it. And this process has already been launched. It cannot be stopped, and it is not necessary, even if someone finds it frightening, unpleasant or contrary to their actually religious ideas about the world. Chaos, now and forever. Where there is chaos, there is victory! The victory of true reason over the wretched fictional universe.

Aeronautical part - 




in times of  SPECULATIVE    BANDWIDTH   

IEEESEBETH Super Grid Computing and Fast Internets was a company that had made a name for itself in the world of computational work. They were the go-to for number crunching, password cracking, and other heavy lifting of computational work. They had a cluster of supercomputers that used binary digital logic circuits and CPUs, and their team of hamsters from the
MILLSPEC PHARMACIE HAMSTER DIVISION drove the dynamo that delivered the power.

And so, once upon a time in Alaska, there was a company called IEEESEBETH Computing and Fast Internets. They were known for their exceptional computational work, including number crunching and password cracking. They had a cluster of supercomputers that could do the heavy lifting of computational work, making them a sought-after company by government agencies and industrial leaders.



IEEESEBETH also provided faster internet services. They had a telephone script that allowed premier users to remain anonymous. Virtually all the ministers of all the world's economies, politics, and industrial leaders were contending for the fastest internet, making IEEESEBETH's services highly sought-after.

Being conned the Holy Achnebbish Utrecht way ❤️

Whenever a client called for faster internet, ieeesebeth  would think of the most elaborate and funny excuses and solutions that were not real but sounded plausible. For instance, if the caller was from Germany and the internets were slow, Ieeesebeth would come up with a fake solution. There was also a caller from France who wanted faster internet. Ieeesebeth put Germany and Belgium on hold while they calculated a new scheme. The new scheme was that to get faster internet, the caller had to be in a place in the world that got the first sunlight.

The callers remained anonymous as long as the banking transactions were completed by the caller "Just in Time" (some had to transfer twice to acknowledge), but everyone who paid for it knew that they were the top industrial and political leaders from all over the world, competing for the fastest internet.Ieeesebeth had a knack for coming up with funny excuses and solutions that sounded plausible, but in reality, they were just elaborate scams. They would put callers on hold and calculate a new scheme to keep the caller informed who was on top and some had premier accounts that the computer dialed the client to inform that internets was going to be going slower because "another economical power" was in the race, or, another "country: suddenly had the fastest internet because of earths magnetical field shifts. And.there is only so much bandwidth to share.

IEEESEBETH had more tricks up their sleeve, including love, understanding, blatant lies, and half-truths. They were a respected partner of many government agencies, and they used their reputation to scam these agencies for millions of euros. They also scammed countries by charging them an emission fee for the extra internet, which released a lot of climate-changing emissions.

IEEESEBETH also invented the emission trade, while working towards a global initiative for greener power

The hamsters in their superspin mills drove the dynamo and delivered the power. These hamsters were from the number crunching farm at Ieeesebeth's Computing, and their team was called the MILLSPEC PHARMACY HAMSTER DIVISION. While all hamsters were equal, some were more equal than others, which was denoted by an "=" sign.

IEEESEBETH's scams were so funny and innocent that even the most intelligent people fell for them. But one day, Ieeesebeth Computing got no more calls, jobs, and had to close shop. The world had caught up with their scams, and the company could no longer sustain itself. As the team packed up their equipment, they couldn't help but feel a sense of loss. Ieeebeth Computing had been their home for years, and now it was all coming to an end. But Mr. Xyzzy had a plan. He gathered the team around and told them that they were going to use their expertise to start a new venture - one that would be even more magical than Ieeesebeth Computing.

And so, they founded a new company called Phenomagic, a name that symbolized the phenomenal magic of computational work. The team knew that they had the skills to create something truly remarkable, something that would astound the world. They worked tirelessly, day and night, to perfect their craft. And soon, Phenomagic became the go-to for all things computational. They cracked the toughest passwords, analyzed complex data sets, and even created their own AI-powered bots that could communicate with humans like they were people.

But Phenomagic wasn't just about computational work. They also had a team of real arts specialists who used their skills to create beautiful and awe-inspiring visualizations of data. These visualizations were so stunning that they looked like works of art, and they allowed people to see data in a completely new way.






Now for something completely different.. ( A priori...  8  x  7  )
(the phrase "a priori" means something that is known or assumed true beforehand, without the need for further evidence or proof).

In the TweeDuyster - not the 'twilight zone' - the hauntng floating Chessboard🔽 

In the haunting realms of the Dutch twilight zone known as "Tweeduister," a dreadful tale unfurls, steeped in darkness and horror. Within this ominous narrative, a ghastly secret lingers, transcending the boundaries of mortal comprehension.

Within the eerie depths of Tweeduister, a fabled floating chessboard materializes, exuding an aura of malevolence. It is said that this accursed relic possesses an unholy power, drawing unsuspecting souls into its nightmarish grasp.

A brave damsel and a valiant knight, driven by an insatiable curiosity, embark on a treacherous quest to unearth the mysteries concealed within the grotesque chessboard. The twisted gameboard beckons them with its sinister allure, promising revelations both forbidden and terrifying.

As they venture deeper into the heart of the Dutch twilight zone, the air grows heavy with a palpable sense of dread. They encounter eldritch creatures, their distorted forms lurking in the shadows, while eerie whispers echo through the desolate landscape.

Guided by their unyielding determination, the damsel and the knight press onward, haunted by the disquieting knowledge that their very souls are at stake. They navigate through maddening puzzles and face unspeakable horrors, all while the malevolent influence of the chessboard gnaws at their sanity.

As they draw closer to their grim objective, the veil between the living and the dead becomes perilously thin. They stumble upon a desolate realm known as "Vagevuur," a strange purgatory where tormented spirits writhe amidst ethereal flames. The air crackles with an otherworldly energy, intensifying their fear and trepidation.

In a harrowing climax, the damsel and the knight finally confront the twisted heart of the floating chessboard. Its eldritch power pulsates with a maddening intensity, threatening to consume them. The chessboard becomes a portal to unspeakable horrors, a gateway to dimensions beyond comprehension.

With a surge of courage, they confront the unspeakable terror that lies within. Their minds teeter on the precipice of madness as they unravel the enigma of the chessboard, a riddle that defies the natural order.

And as the nightmarish journey concludes, the damsel and the knight emerge, forever changed by the unspeakable horrors they have witnessed. Their minds bear the scars of the malevolent chessboard's influence, forever haunted by the abominations that dwell within the Dutch twilight zone of "Tweeduister."

Their story becomes a whispered legend, a cautionary tale told in hushed tones. Beware, for within the depths of darkness, an ancient evil slumbers, waiting to ensnare the unwary souls who dare to venture into the horrifying unknown.

During a period when I held a position of authority, I embarked on a quest to confront the esteemed advisor to the King of the Duodecimal Magic Round Table Chivalry Isolationist Island. The details of our conversation shall remain confidential. Was the counselor displeased with my inquiries? Excellent. Subsequently, the King selected a Knight from the Round Table to retrieve the enigmatic 8 x 7 floating, hovering chessboard. However, it was not Gawain who undertook this mission.

Following the departure of the subordinate Knight, the mystical Kingdom vanished into thin air, resembling nothing more than a fleeting wisp of smoke. Alone, I traversed the corners of the Earth, encountering diverse human cultures, all while navigating a flat mappi mundi projected onto a three-dimensional sphere.

A tout le monde
A tout mes amis
Je vous aime
Je dois partir

These are the last words I'll ever speak {drama bla bla)
( Alors pendant que vous lisez ceci, sachez, mes amis, j'aimerais rester avec vous tous S'il vous plaît souriez, souriez quand vous pensez à moi Mon corps est parti, c'est tout )

Etcetera ...

The text above describes a person who suffered severely from "extinction" theme nightmares in childhood and seeks to make a formal complaint against the future ruler(s) of an isolationist island kingdom that by spreading Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt may have contributed to the persons trauma.

However, the person's actions seem to have unintended consequences, as they may have caused the magic round-table kingdom to disappear in thin air, leaving the eight by seven floating, hovering chessboard.

The text is written in a poetic and obscure style, which makes it difficult to understand the specific motivations or actions of the characters involved.

a person who suffered severely from "extinction" theme nightmares in childhood and seeks to make a formal complaint against the future ruler(s) of an isolationist island kingdom that by spreading Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt may have contributed to the persons trauma.

However, the person's actions seem to have unintended consequences, as they may have caused the magic round-table kingdom to disappear in thin air, leaving the eight by seven floating, hovering chessboard.

Huuhh horsey,


Enter MacBethwin,
White Swans,
Black Swans,

Let Us set sail to this blasphemous duodecimal isolationist island and have this ordeal done
With my Papal excuse, I may speak for Myself:

White Swans,
Black Swans, all thy magic, toverie,magie BE EQUALLE! 0xFFFF um!
I Blame YOU Counselor to the King (Artur)!!
"In the EAST thy name is FATE
SO! Where is thy post on the chessboard?".

with these words, suddenly * P O O F * and away and gone was all of the Magic Round Table Kingdom....

This saga of zeggen spreken spoken sproken has not endeth
because that is never found it, or have told the telll tale story is not that to be proud of 

I leave it to all who are riddled
I have served many masters and I have been a soldier
for thousands of years,
chasing the 8 x 7 chessboard was forgotten about

I regret what I did and I hope all will be found and restored,  that I hope it returns what has gone missing...
maybe next December? Who knows... beware for the devil of this, was always in the detail

In the realm of English history, where the boundaries between reality and enchantment blur, lies an extraordinary saga that transcends mere legend. This saga, centering around the magic roundtable kingdom, is not just a tale of knights and chivalry, but a tapestry interwoven with mysticism, cultural bridges, and ancient magic.

The saga unfolds against the backdrop of mist-shrouded landscapes that have witnessed the rise and fall of kingdoms. The names of these locations hold profound meaning: Camelot, a legendary realm, and Utrecht (Vltrajectvm Dominivm), an old Roman Metropolis now known as Utrecht in the Netherlands. These sites aren't just settings; they are anchors to reality, places where the mystical and the factual converge.

Magic within this realm is more than illusion; it's a force that shapes destiny. The Roundtable Knights, such as Sir Calledine and Sir Demorian, go beyond valor and prowess in battle. They possess an unparalleled ability to transcend cultural boundaries, a skill honed through the intricate analogies of the ancient chess game. This skill, a testament to their wisdom and insight, allows them to navigate the complexities of diplomacy and alliance-building—a magic of its own kind.

Within this saga, the delicate relationship between the old ways and magic comes to life. The concept of "White Swans Black Swans," rooted in notions of equality and unity, bridges the gap between the archaic arts of white and black magic. Merlin, the enigmatic sorcerer, steps out of the shadows, revealing his role as a guardian of history. Legends speak of his efforts to thwart the malevolent influence of the Malleus Maleficarum by manipulating cardinal manifests, ensuring the protection of humanity.

Yet, the intrigue extends beyond the prominent figures. Ordinary souls are swept into the currents of destiny, adding depth to the narrative. Isabelle, bearing the weight of schizotypal tendencies, reflects the intricate layers of human psyche even in the realm of magic. Her screams in her father's castle, reverberating even within the depths of the cellar, paint a portrait of turmoil amidst enchantment.

This saga isn't limited to knights and castles—it's a reflection of the human experience, a tapestry of relationships that transcend time. The bond between Demorian and Walewijn, a connection marked by friendship and shared wisdom, underscores the unity underlying the magic roundtable kingdom.

The saga gains further dimension through enigmatic murals—spellcasted paintings that hold the secrets of the past and possibly the future. The mural painting depicting Rogier, ensnared in a terrible spell, clutching a key within a garden bordered by high fences, evokes an air of mystery. A distressed lady on a horse and an enigmatic knight further amplify the enigma. This mural's presence in the old Roman Metropolis of Utrecht suggests ties to a historical event that Merlin, the sorcerer and sage, might be alluding to.

The saga is a living testament to unity and honor, encapsulated by the renowned roundtable itself. Beyond legend, it's a reflection of a shared past and future, a reminder that discussions and collaborations preserve the legacy of respect and wisdom that these knights championed.

As we delve into this saga, we're reminded that its magic isn't confined to pages; it lives within the spirit of history itself—a history shaped by the convergence of reality and enchantment.



Origin/Relate to

Additional Information

King Arthur

Married to Queen Guinevere


Guinevere (English), Guenièvre (French), Guinevere (German), Guinevere (Dutch); Corresponded with Huize Belle van Zuijlen, known for collecting arcane historic weapons used in recorded history; Owned the slingshot used to plunge Edwyn into a lake due to his drinking; Date of death: [Add Date]; Associated with the Sword in the Stone legend, where he pulled Excalibur to claim his rightful rule

Sir Launsloot

Lancelot du Lac


Often depicted as having a close relationship with King Arthur's wife, Queen Guinevere; Banking institution named after him in the Netherlands; Famed for his affair with Queen Guinevere, leading to the downfall of Camelot

Sir Lanseloot

Orkney Islands

A noble knight hailing from the Orkney Islands; known for his chivalry and courage; Often confused with Sir Lancelot

Sir Lanselot


A valiant knight from Wales; his loyalty and feats of valor are celebrated in the Arthurian legends

Sir Galahad


The pure-hearted knight, believed to be the only one to achieve the Holy Grail; his divine origins contribute to his legend

Sir Tristan

Tristan de Lyonesse


Known for his tragic love story with Isolde; a brave knight renowned for his skills in combat; Considered one of the greatest lovers and fighters of his time

Sir Bedivere


One of King Arthur's most trusted knights; known for returning Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake; Played a crucial role in the events leading to the end of Camelot

Sir Kay

Arthur's foster brother

King Arthur's foster brother; depicted as brave and dependable in Arthurian tales; Known for his loyalty and companionship

Sir Gaheris

Orkney Islands

A loyal knight from the Orkney Islands; his character is portrayed as noble and honorable; Son of King Lot and Morgause

Sir Gareth

Orkney Islands

Brother of Gaheris; celebrated for his chivalry and achievements in the Arthurian stories; Known for his numerous adventures and heroic deeds

Sir Bors


A virtuous knight from Gaul; his piety and devotion are highlighted in the Arthurian legends; Associated with the quest for the Holy Grail

Sir Geraint


Renowned for his gallantry and combat skills; his tale of love and adventure is well-known; Known for his role in the story of "Geraint and Enid"

Sir Lamorak


Son of King Pellinore; a talented knight admired for his prowess and sense of justice; Known for his tragic fate and conflicts with his own family

Sir Palomides

Saracen knight

A Saracen knight who converted to Christianity; his adventures and conversion are central to his legend; Notable for his role in the Holy Grail quest

Sir Demorian


Tricked by French sorcerers, wizards, and witches; under a spell devised to attack Merlin and drain him of his power; believed to seek forgiveness and restoration later; attacked Merlin with "White Swans Black Swans" spell based on the concept of Equality in old ways of white and black magic; called out by Merlin, the Sorcerer, Magician, and Counselor to King Arthur, for his position on the chessboard; confronted by the Head of Witch Covens in Great Britain; sought the 8 x 7 chessboard after the disappearance of Camelot; In love with Isabelle (Jezebeth, Ieesebel)

Sir Calledine


Tricked by French sorcerers, wizards, and witches; under a spell devised to attack Merlin and drain him of his power; believed to seek forgiveness and restoration later; attacked Merlin with "White Swans Black Swans" spell based on the concept of Equality in old ways of white and black magic; called out by Merlin, the Sorcerer, Magician, and Counselor to King Arthur, for his position on the chessboard; confronted by the Head of Witch Covens in Great Britain; sought the 8 x 7 chessboard after the disappearance of Camelot; In love with Isabelle (Jezebeth, Ieesebel)

Sir Edewyn


Utrecht, Netherlands

A knight born in Utrecht, Netherlands; possessed a birthright that led him to learn bookprinting, binding, and illustration, including the Arthurian saga; deeply enamored with the English Queen and known for his contributions to arts and illustration; Sent all over the world to gather antique collectibles


The Faux, The Fox

United Kingdom

Enchanted by a spell, transforming him into a fox; a mystery surrounds his identity and story; Depicted in a mural painting holding a key in a garden with high fences, alongside a lady in distress on a horse and an unknown knight; Believed to symbolize the attempt of Launcelot to rescue the Queen in the Netherlands


Advisor/Counselor to the King, Half-sister: Morgan le Fay

Traces of restoration in history to save humanity from anonymous writers that wrote the Malleus Maleficarum; it is believed that Merlin sabotaged and counterfeited the cardinal manifests to allow negating the papal order on grounds of falsification of copies of the Malleus Maleficarum; Half-sister Morgana Morgaine was self-taught in the 5 or 6 major faculties of Magic and Sorcery; Role in safeguarding the old ways and knowledge of magic

Morgana Morgaine


Self-taught in the 5 or 6 major faculties of Magic and Sorcery; accomplished in various fields of arcane knowledge; Assumed to have been involved in preserving and transmitting magical knowledge

Rogier the Fox

Nobleman Lured by Spell

The Netherlands

Mural painting depicting Rogier, a nobleman lured into a terrible spell, holding a key in a depicted garden with high fences; includes a lady in distress on a horse and an unknown knight; believed to represent the attempt of Launcelot to rescue the Queen in the Netherlands, which is why the mural is depicted in the old Roman Metropolis "Vltrajectvm Dominivm" (modern-day Utrecht); The mystery behind the enchanted mural painting


Associated with Gawain

Horse associated with Sir Gawain in Arthurian legend; Named by Walewijn; Representation of Gawain's virtues and qualities


Associated with King Arthur and Several Knights

King Arthur's legendary sword, sometimes known as the Sword in the Stone; said to have magical powers and be a symbol of Arthur's rightful rule; various knights attempt to wield it, with only Arthur successfully pulling it from the stone; Artifact of great significance and power

Floating Chessboard

Enchanted Artifact

An artifact that mysteriously appears and disappears, said to have flown into Camelot through a window; fascinated King Arthur; associated with a perplexing quote in Old Dutch: "Sonder Redene Quam hen hier niet"; The potential significance and magic of the floating chessboard

Walewijn (Gawain)

Orkney Islands

Named the horse Gringolette; not part of the 12 Knights of the Round Table; associated with the old tradition of facing each other at smaller tables, leading to the establishment of the Round Table as a symbol of unity and respect; Notable for his close friendship with Sir Demorian, who saw him as both a teacher and friend


Jezebeth, Ieesebel


Suffered from schizotype Cluster B Borderline; known for screaming in her father's castle and exhibiting tumultuous behavior; A character shrouded in mystery and psychological complexity

Huize Belle van Zuijlen

Castle near Utrecht

Correspondence with Queen Guinevere; Known for collecting arcane historic weapons; possessed slingshot used to plunge Edwyn into a lake due to his drinking; Date of death: [Add Date]; Owned the slingshot that was used to plunge Edwyn into a lake due to his drinking; Collected the most arcane historic weapons;

Malleus Maleficarum

Written by Kramer and Sprenger

Names Kramer and Sprenger are anagrams for "Sperr Gene Marker"; Historic document that played a role in the persecution of alleged witches and sorcerers;

Green Knight


Often thought of by Merlin; Remains a mystery in Arthurian legends; Symbolic figure with possible connections to magic and mystery

Jezebeth, Ieesebel


Suffered from schizotype Cluster B Borderline; Known for her emotional distress and dramatic behavior; A character that adds an element of psychological complexity to the saga

Morgana Morgaine's Role


Self-taught in the 5 or 6 major faculties of Magic and Sorcery; Associated with the preservation of magical knowledge; A central figure in the legacy of magic and mystery

Lancelot's Banking Institution


Banking institution in the Netherlands named after Sir Lancelot; A modern nod to the Arthurian legend, reflecting his enduring popularity

Floating Chessboard's Significance

Enchanted Artifact

An enchanted artifact that defies explanation; May hold secrets of magic and historical events; Symbolic of the mysterious and magical elements of the saga

Old Tradition of Round Table


Represents unity and respect; Originated from facing each other at smaller tables; Reflection of the value of mutual respect and cooperation

Saga vs. Legend

Storytelling Genre

The Arthurian tales are more than legends; they form a saga with elements of historical reality; Reflects the complex blend of fact and fiction in the storytelling

Role of Magic

Magical Realism

Magic as a driving force in the saga; Woven into the lives of characters like Merlin and Morgana; Symbolic of the unknown and the mystical

Preservation of Knowledge


Merlin's efforts to restore historical accuracy and counter falsification; Morgana's role in preserving magical knowledge; Themes of safeguarding knowledge

Mural Paintings

Enchanted Artifacts

Suggested existence of enchanted mural paintings; Potential to hold secrets and mysteries that can be unlocked; A hidden repository of historical events

Next Unveiled Mystery


The potential for the enchanted mural paintings to reveal the next undisclosed historic event; A hint from Merlin that points to a hidden truth


---- From what I can remember, or count as a vivid memory, in my burnt cortexis,
is that "we" survived. Only just in time I might add.  ----

The lovely magic roundtable kingdom was gone and missing,
with them roundtable chivalry and knights
that were always mocking me

now, reader, you may think you know what happened
perhaps you know, but who else but you can
won't you bring this Arturian avond-uur saga to an end ?

Hen quam hier sonder redene niet...

 "They demand the pre- and post-quantum as some strategic advantage, 

'Ohnoes! Ieesebelle! Please! Don't make me do the bongo-bongo Feynman lecture in that Uniform at Leiden University, 

they will tear me apart, embarrassingly serial, why on earth did you agree to the Q word? Blasphemy !' 

'Well, you know the English, this way I sold them an early warning system',

'What would that be?' - "You!" - and I heard Ieesebelle sobbing, as she turned out to be a woman .. "It's you Ysabel!"

Friar Roger Bacon's Brazen Head
Doctor Mirabilis Caelestis et Diabilis

Some thoughts for the blessed people from Germany - [ click to unfold, but be aware! ]

2023-06-28 Wednesday.

So Young Gentlemen and or Damsels, adventurers from German speaking Countries:
are you are still on the trail ? ; well, I will lend you a hand. THIS ADVENTURE IS YOURS ! This is certainly not unlike "In the name of the Rose" or "Da Vinci Code". It’s far more real than it may appear, as mysterious as it can get, has a history of centuries, the text and history suddenly appear actual. How can this be, one might ask.

Well, my dear friends, the answer is not that simple: you are reading more than one book that is still “alive”. Yes, “living” books that changes its content according to your mood, your curiosity, and your imagination. Books that can take you to any place and time you desire, if you are willing to follow its clues and riddles. A book that can make you laugh, cry, gasp, and shiver with delight. A book that is more than a book, it is an adventure. And you are the hero of this adventure, so don't give up now. You are about to discover the greatest secret of all time...

…the publication in 1486 of Heinrich Krämer and Jacob Sprenger’s Malleus maleficarum (“The Hammer of Witches”),

The publication title is translated as "The Hammer of Witches".  In this text dubbed by “HH” or “MM” – these seem to be the works of James/Jacob Sprenger and  Henry /Heinrich Krämer/Kraemer.

As you can see, there is quite some ambiguity surrounding the name of writers, left alone the MM contents, that is not for me to interpret or witness.

The Witch Hammer (HH) has many versions and of that, counterfeit copies. This was likely to get the distribution going, with the important ambiguous attribution, that falsified signatures would render the counterfeit copy of the MM unauthorized.

Now about the signs and signatures.
The MM was written by James/Jacob Sprenger and Henry/Henrich Krämer/ Kraemer, of which I said that these names mark the counterfeits. These people might even have existed, but they are more likely (too obvious) obscured by (too obvious) pseudonyms.

For this reason alone, I wouldn’t read, the MM, because of its paradoxical contents, it may be spellbound, and that is “not to me” to judge what is a counterfeit. I only ask those Germans scientists/forensic researchers/adventurers who likely already know more, if they did the forensics on every copy, they could get hold of brought up new

It appears only Kraemer and Sprenger are combinations. Now on the “Name of the Rose” did you, touch the pages, the ink? Hm

But -nothing said with it, I found the anagram too easy. Who am I in this story?  I question myself that sometimes, but not with this. I cannot deny from WHO this comes because :

Why? This is likely not about misinterpretation of MM History alone, in which many innocent people were sentenced to death. It raises the question of the rituals and words may be spellbound.

I am aware from who this may be, or IS, and it’s got a new meaning in the present because this history has never been reported. Now I’ve grown old, and I have seen this world many times, perhaps its to the next generation to fill in how it all Ends….  (I think not).
Prepare for some recursive thoughts: the signatures may be markers or markings of something else, another context, that would be….  of the Master.


The master foresees that not only the truth  (that appears evident to me only is strange) of the copies, because it also a rather peculiar message of Hope.
I know my thing or two about SARS-CoV-2, Omicron (which is a WHO reference to me. Coincidentally with the threats I sent them), 

The anagram is there to catch the ‘immediate’ attention (if all else fails).  But I know it’s a linguistic reference to the other copies of that manuscripts, in ways that I cannot verify, thus it remains where it is deposited.

Because it is a message of Hope

phonetic it holds more than one meaning
This suggests a motive to look out for there may be many biogenetic references found, perhaps even DNA containers or pointers to regions/proteine zones that may even appear the in the found manuscripts. All in all, given the severity and timing, I see how this relates to Sars-CoV-2, Corona "pandemic", I think it’s also telltale about the additional manuscripts, that looks like the parity/proofreading (only) polymorphic to its own 32 kilopair of genetic informatioon, that its identified as (one of the) "Genetic Defense(s)" of that virion. So watch out the paper, ink, anything that was touched with a finger. of the Master... is it Sealed?

…in Germany, and Heinrich (Institoris) Kraemer, professor of theology at the University of Salzburg, Austria, and inquisitor in the Tirol region of Austria. In 1484 Pope Innocent VIII issued the bull Summis desiderantes affectibus, in which he deplored the spread of witchcraft in Germany and authorized Sprenger and Kraemer to…

…the publication in 1486 of Heinrich Krämer and Jacob Sprenger’s Malleus maleficarum (“The Hammer of Witches”),

Heinrich Krämer is Kraemer.

“Sperr Gene Marker”

Malleus maleficarum, (Latin: “Hammer of Witches”) detailed legal and theological document (c. 1486) regarded as the standard handbook on witchcraft, including its detection and its extirpation, until well into the 18th century. Its appearance did much to spur on and sustain some two centuries of witch-hunting hysteria in Europe. The Malleus was the work of two Dominicans: Johann Sprenger, dean of the University of Cologne in Germany, and Heinrich (Institoris) Kraemer, professor of theology at the University of Salzburg, Austria, and inquisitor in the Tirol region of Austria. In 1484 Pope Innocent VIII issued the bull Summis desiderantes affectibus, in which he deplored the spread of witchcraft in Germany and authorized Sprenger and Kraemer to extirpate it.

The Malleus codified the folklore and beliefs of the Alpine peasants and was dedicated to the implementation of Exodus 22:18: “You shall not permit a sorceress to live.” “In Part I the reality and the depravity of witches is emphasized, and any disbelief in demonology is condemned as heresy. Because of the nature of the enemy, any witness, no matter what his credentials, may testify against an accused. Part II is a compendium of fabulous stories about the activities of witches—e.g., diabolic compacts, sexual relations with devils (incubi and succubi), transvection (night riding), and metamorphosis. Part III is a discussion of the legal procedures to be followed in witch trials. Torture is sanctioned as a means of securing confessions. Lay and secular authorities are called upon to assist the inquisitors in the task of exterminating those whom Satan has enlisted in his cause.

The Malleus went through 28 editions between 1486 and 1600 and was accepted by Roman Catholics and Protestants alike as an authoritative source of information concerning Satanism and as a guide to Christian defenses.


The Devil, whose central role in witchcraft beliefs made the Western tradition unique, was an absolute reality in both elite and popular culture, and failure to understand the prevailing terror of Satan has misled some modern researchers to regard witchcraft as a “cover” for political or gender conspiracies. The Devil was deeply and widely feared as the greatest enemy of Christ, keenly intent on destroying soul, life, family, community, church, and state. Witches were considered Satan’s followers, members of an antichurch and an antistate, the sworn enemies of Christian society in the Middle Ages, and a “counter-state” in the early modern period. If witchcraft existed, as people believed it did, then it was an absolute necessity to extirpate it before it destroyed the world.

Because of the continuity of witch trials with those for heresy, it is impossible to say when the first witch trial occurred. Even though the clergy and judges in the Middle Ages were sceptical of accusations of witchcraft, the period 1300–30 can be seen as the beginning of witch trials. In 1374 Pope Gregory XI declared that all magic was done with the aid of demons and thus was open to prosecution for heresy. Witch trials continued through the 14th and early 15th centuries, but with great inconsistency according to time and place. By 1435–50, the number of prosecutions had begun to rise sharply, and toward the end of the 15th century, two events stimulated the hunts: Pope Innocent VIII’s publication in 1484 of the bull Summis desiderantes affectibus (“Desiring with the Greatest Ardour”) condemning witchcraft as Satanism, the worst of all possible heresies, and the publication in 1486 of Heinrich Krämer and Jacob Sprenger’s Malleus maleficarum (“The Hammer of Witches”), a learned but cruelly misogynist book blaming witchcraft chiefly on women. Widely influential, it was reprinted numerous times. The hunts were most severe from 1580 to 1630, and the last known execution for witchcraft was in Switzerland in 1782. The number of trials and executions varied widely according to time and place, but in fact no more than about 110,000 persons in all were tried for witchcraft, and no more than 40,000 to 60,000 executed. Although these figures are alarming, they do not remotely approach the feverishly exaggerated claims of some 20th-century writers.


(p)reserve,  contain/contents may have additional genetic biomarkers
We may have a chance at recovering from SARS-CoV-2
well "may" is that "we" must first acknowledge or establish truth of statements above. Do we really? 
if you can't then I am mistaken but: I am not.

There is no real answer to question: "If I had eaten the cheese of this, to have this cardinal knowledge", the literal translation of a DUTCH saying "of ik daar kaas van heb gegeten: Ik wel", usually to denote the lack of certain knowledge that is being discussed over a topic. But in any case (pun) : I did  I surely did.

To me it's undeniable, unmistakably  that a certain Master ia at work, that riddles the vulgar MM to the one Dutch person in German, to know it's phonetic misheard for English.(response to the looksenpa00eepser).
rest assure, it's THE ENGLISHMAN🌟🪄😉 and he came in a little late or me too early.
Go find out, and, perhaps! tell me how it goes or how it went? You are part of THIS!
The greatest restoration of all times! Believe it or not, it is the greatest of our time!
You will see the miracle, which is a wonder and wizardry of the highest of them ALL.
its not Gandalf : nothing compares to his kindness. But who knows...

NEW QUEST: 20230718 the Spellbound Garden some thoughts for the people,visitorians, tourists, that come in from the United Kingdom or elsewhere, that happen to be in Utrecht", I hope for this AMAZING ordeal. This has been waiting more than just four centuries  [ click to unfold, but be aware! ]

2023-07-18 Tuesday.

So Young Gentlemen and or Damsels, English speaking and reading adventurers
are you ALSO still on the trail ? ; well, I will lend you a hand. THIS ADVENTURE IS YOURS ! The MOST mysterious artifact that depicts a situation that was painted for a reason several centuries ago, it may be that the text and history suddenly appear  REAL


Dearsels, brave souls, visitorians, I welcome you to this magic quest,

At the heart of the Netherlands, In Utrecht, "Vlrajectvm Dominivm", where enchantment does infest.

Within the "Dragonsden" "Drakenburg" lodge house, a tale of old unfolds,

Mural paintings hold a secret,for centuries mysteries untold:

A horse astray, a knight in the fray,

A fox with noble soul, trapped by magic's dismay.

To access this cellar, heed my cautionary say,

Magic works both ways, so choose carefully what you convey.

Now, tourists, if you are by three from the United Kingdom, beware,

Stepping into this realm, a bewitching snare.

The aide of Eight of Swords may blind your eyes,

But True Royalty lies where the Lady cries.

[ don't speak these words ]

Rogier, the cursed fox, wears a key,

To the Magic Foreeste or Gardens, you see.

Trust the fox, he'll lead you right,

To the twilight, where no mare shall go to-night.

[ Now, I'll reveal a way, to release the spell casted upon them,
It begins with this riddle, spoken in vincinity of the fox, softly whisper  (by you Three) ]  

"Knights and damsels, trapped in art,

By magic's hold, kept apart.

With words of power, we implore,

Free the captives, we adore.

[ Now, the three of you, each point a finger towards the key, but only ONE speaks: 
the FIRST to point a finger, dial by gesture 3 times Counter Clockwise towards the key, saying the following ] :

By ancient magick, I beseech thee,

Let them go, set them free.

Open the lock, release the spell,

Let them leave this mural cell.

[ the SECOND may point a finger, dial by gesture 3 times Counter Clockwise towards the key, saying the following ] :

Grant us this, oh magic profound,

Break the chains that keep them bound.

With hearts sincere, we seek your grace,

Free the Lady, the knight, the horse, 

and the fox in this place.

[ the THIRD may point a finger, dial by gesture 3 times Counter Clockwise towards the key, saying the following ] :

As I speak, let magic unfold,

Unlocking the figures, we are told.

Together we pray, let it be done!

With ease, this enchanted battle's won.

[ and the last lines are silent, to realize what happened, a prayer to sway. ]

And lo, How the magic stirs, The figures come to life,

The Lady, the knight, the horse, and the fox, released from strife.

With laughter and joy, we celebrate,

In Utrecht's glory, in the Gloria, wbat a magical fate.

The magic Lives, tooverie reigns,

In this wondrous place, we'll find no chains.

Once again, in this ancient hall,

We'll revel in the wonders, both big and small."


THAT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME. YOU DID IT. YOU MADE IT.  ( there maybe some implications to overcome for it likely breaks a chain of a rather large rock, attached to a house in Utrecht, but don't worry, we'll sort that out, Because: We are going to Party. The great restoration may begin! CELEBRATION TIME COME'ON, ITS CELEBRATION TIME C E L E B R A T I O N  T I M E   You're awesome!
You did a great job, to restoration of the Holy Magical Roundtable Chivalry and Kingdom. 

Gérard Lenorman

Dionne Warwick

France Gall

Jacques Dutronc

linkage : De officiële Unit Gloria website 2023 

De officiële Unit Gloria website 2023
Bonnie (Bonje) St. Claire [Unit Gloria]

All PNG etching was done with Inkscape [linkage] vector drawing  [Open Source] 

De officiële Unit Gloria website 2023

It's funny, my father knew these peoples. It was called
Reli -pop   nah Someday somebody figures out what it was all about, when I listened to Morbid Angel - Emptiness

De officiële Unit Gloria website 2023




[ ~ 2.500 million years on Earth, before any S.I. PUNCTUALITY was used against me,  I was doing nothing but making cave drawings (again) of the vile cosmic fire-spider that decouples matter upon touch and has a chaotic momentum to jump with a *BOOM* to other places., to eat up all life that exist(ed) in our little universe . In the Event Horizon of that demise, all I did was a count particle displacement with binary on fingers. Somebody said they never found cave drawings of me. I'm no good at jokes but sarcasm is here just in time. It was in a rain for eeste actually Oh RLYE?' ]


and ... the least we could do was to wave to each other
  sebas >  ~\O            O/~   <  me
I made this to cope with the loss of many friends




I have engaged in electronic music composition, personally handling both the composition and video creation using FL Studio. The composition revolves around a message intended for nature, a message that will take time to reach its intended destination and provoke intrigue regarding the "SPERR GENE MARKER." Our current timeline remains unaffected by this message. However, regrettably, it will not come to fruition within my lifetime, but I am content with that outcome. This message resembles a genetic fingerprint and possesses an awe-inspiring quality akin to a miraculous phenomenon. However, it must not be overt or readily apparent. It already holds the potential to become a remarkable  legend .

(Generative stuffings by Sir Anders Hoff)


(Generative stuffings by Microsoft Bing)



The lovely Lady Mw. Carola Schouten,  What a beautiful person she is. It is because of these excellent intelligent people that I believe in it, to allowed myself to have interest in Dutch Politics/ Leadership / Global governance.
She Fails not to impress. 

unfold here for more coverage  🔽

Cornelia Johanna Carola Schouten
2023: MsSchouten ret.-from-politics--
(Dutch pronunciation: [kaːˈroːlaː ˈsxʌʊ̯tə(n)]; born 6 October 1977)

Presenting the lovely Lady Carola Schouten: She is the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture, Nature, and Food Quality in the Netherlands, possesses an impressive array of qualities that have propelled her to the forefront of Dutch politics.

With intelligence, perseverance, and a dedication to public service, she has proven herself as a formidable figure alongside Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

Carola Schouten's visionary leadership and commitment to sustainability have positioned her as a driving force in shaping environmental policies and promoting sustainable agricultural practices. Her ability to navigate complex political landscapes with finesse and strategic acumen is truly commendable.

A collaborative approach defines Carola Schouten's leadership style. She actively seeks input from stakeholders and fosters consensus-building, creating a harmonious atmosphere within the government. Her diplomatic skills enable her to navigate diverse interests and find practical solutions for the benefit of the Dutch population.

With effective communication skills, Carola Schouten adeptly articulates her ideas and engages with the public. Her dedication to serving the Dutch population is unwavering, making her a trusted and respected leader.

In summary, Carola Schouten's career in Dutch politics is characterized by intelligence, perseverance, and a strong commitment to public service. Her visionary leadership, sustainability initiatives, collaborative approach, tenacity, and effective communication skills make her an outstanding figure in the Dutch political landscape.

Isn't she lovely ? I think she is, sure is 💖



My name is Bigglesworth,
my friends call me Biggles

Land of hope and glory, 

Mother of the Free

How shall we extol thee

Who are born of thee?

Wider still, and wider

Shall thy bounds be set;

God, who made thee might

Make thee mightier yet

Rollce-Royce V12 PISTON,

I am so grateful to
Mr. Sir Boris Johnson for holding Unity in his hands and in his heart.